Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22 - Sandvika

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for your love and support. It was a good week here in Sandvika. I am happy to be here and grateful for the experiences I am having.

This week was a special week for Norway. Wednesday, the 17th of may, was Norway's national day. Everyone dresses in their sunday best and a lot of people where traditional Norwegian clothing called bunads.  We were lucky to be able to go into Oslo for the day to be a part of the celebrations. Tickets were reserved for us so we could go to the Palace and watch the Childrens's parade and the royal family come out. At around 10 am, a carriage came to the palace and a group of traditional dressed dancers performed a dance and then a little after the royal family came out on the balcony to wave to the crowds. Then we sang "Ja vi elsker" Norway's national song. This year we were challenged and encouraged to learn and memorize the song. It was fun to sing along with the Norwegians. My love for the country, land, language and people grows every day. It was also way cool because Jacob parkin was in town and he found some other missionaries who called me so we could meet and get a picture. It was fun to see him. He is a good guy. Then we went to the mission home for a bbq and to play some games.

Also this week we went on splits with the zone leaders in Drammen. It was a good day full of hard work and we had a good time. We weren't able to meet with all of our investigators this week because of the holiday and some people were out of town but we did get to meet with a couple and it went well. We also met a new guy on the street on Tuesday and have an appointment with him this week on Wednesday. He seems pretty positive and wants to come to church. So we are just keeping on and praying for the best.

We also had the opportunity this week to do some service for an Older member in the ward. We did some painting inside because she is remodeling her house. That was fun.

This coming week is looking good with potential. Not a lot of new stuff happened this last week so I thought I would send more pictures to make up for it. 

I spent a lot of time this week studying the plan of Salvation, specifically around Adam and Eve. Just as the Atonement is essential to God's plan for us, so is the fall of Adam and Eve. As we can read from 2 Nephi 2 in the Book of mormon "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." (2 nephi 2 25) I know that Adam and Eve were real. The events that happened in the Garden, were apart of God's plan for "to bring about his eternal purposes in the end of man" (2nd nephi 2 15). They were essential in allowing us to experience mortality, to be tested, to gain a body, and to learn how to make correct choices and follow our Savior Home. Oh how joyful this life can be by seeking knowledge, peace, and love from the restored and everlasting gospel of jesus Christ.

Have a great week!

Elder Witt

May 15 - Sandvika

Hey Family!
It was a lot of fun seeing and talking to you guys. I'm sure grateful to be a part of this family. Thanks for your love and support!
There are some things we want to get done today so I'm going to keep it shorter and stick to the highlights!
A week ago we decided to start knocking doors near the Robinsons arpartment (the senior couple) and it has been a gold mine! We got invited in twice this last week and it was 2 houses on the same street. Doesn't happen to often so we were pumped. One was an older woman whose husband passed away 30 years ago and she shared with us her conversion story. She explained how it was a troubling time for her but she found peace in the bible and has been christian ever since. She is from scotland and really nice and invited us to come to an open bible study at her house on wednesdays. We are thinking of going some time. The second was a man from Iran who has lived in Norway for a while. He is not actively religious but believes there is only one truth and church and has read the bible, koran, but hasn't found anything. We taught him the restoration and are going to bring him a book of mormon in persian. He invited us back not this week but next week. That was exciting!
On Wednesday, us and the sisters in Asker put on a missionary evening activity for mutual. 7 youth from the ward came and it was a huge success. We played different games mimicing the life of missionary from finding alarm clocks blindfolded to shaving a baloon and running to catch a bus, to teaching fake investigators the restoration and have a "member dinner". I was impressed with the youth and there teaching abilities. Also had a testimony from a returned missionary in the ward of the blessings of missionary service.
The other main highlight would be mothers day. We had a wonderful day at church. I gave a talk on the restoration of the aaronic priesthood and we had dinner at the mission home. And then it was awesome skyping home.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve as a missionary. I recently listened to a talk by President Eyring, "Waiting upon the Lord: the power of Heaven" and I was touched by his message. He quotes President Heber J. Grant "There is but one path of safety to the Latter-day Saints, and that is the path of duty. It is not testimony, it is not marvelous manifestations, it is not knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, . . . it is not actually knowing that the Savior is the Redeemer, and that Joseph Smith was His prophet, that will save you and me, but it is the keeping of the commandments of God, the living the life of a Latter-day Saint."  President Eyring explains that path of duty is not easy but will require us to call down the power of heaven in our live. He then quotes Isaiah. " But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." As we trust in God, learn and do our duty in meekness and humility, we will experience the power of heaven in our life. The church is true!
Elder Witt

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8 - Sandvika

Hey family!!

Thanks for your love and support. Time is flying by and I can't believe it is another Pday and that I am in the library writing letters again. It was a solid week. The sun was shining every day and we had some cool experiences finding, teaching and serving. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.
On Tuesday, we had district meeting in the morning. It was on Accountability and key indicators. Then we took a train and bus to try a name that bishop gave us. It turned out that they had moved so that was good to find out. Then we knocked doors in the area but not many people would talk to us. However one woman, who was struggling, said she knew some members but she didn't feel up to talking so we gave her a card.
On Wednesday, the mission did a special finding day. It was "a selfie day" . The objective was to try to get as many selfies as possible with the hashtag "thebookofmormonoslo" and have the people post it on social media with us. It was to try to get our name out. We got a couple selfies and you might be able to find them on facebook. Wednesday night, the ward had a "mormon helping hands" service project. We went to a nearby beach and cleaned it up, picking up trash and debris.
Thursday was an awesome day! We met a man named -- on the street last week and had an appointment with him. He is a Jehovah's witness and had met with missionaries 30 years ago or so. He had some questions so we got an appointment. He brought a friend named --. He is young, newly converted to jehovah's witnesses and doesn't know much about us. We had a good lesson and gave them both book of mormons. All they are concerned with is physical evidence of the book of mormon and prophecies and like things.  But after that we went to the library for another appointment. It was a random guy that the AP's found in their phone and referred to us. He didn't show up but it probably was for the best, because as we were walking outside the library, a man called us over to chat. He is from Africa and turns out to be a potential in the phone. He was a nice guy so it was good to meet him. Then we saw another potential, --. She is from bolivia and has family that are members. She has been to church in bolivia before and to a temple open house I think. She keeps telling us that she will come to church but hasn't made it yet. It was cool to see her. Then we walked over the bridge and randomly talked to this guy who was waiting in line for a newly opened restaurant. We asked him about it and then he said are you guys the missionaries?? I know a member and I used to meet with you guys and read from the book of mormon. He was way cool and said he would start meeting again. Then we walked another 50 yards and a guy stopped us on the street and asked us if we are mormons. He is a school teacher at a nearby school teaching a class that talks about religions. He asked us questions. We ended up teaching him all the restoration and most of the plan of salvation for like 45 minutes. Then gave him all our supplies. He said he wants us to come and give a presentation. Then he gave us his number and we got an appointment with him this week. Then met a cool guy from France who talked to us for a bit. After that our landlords had us for dinner. They are way cool.
Friday, was also a good day. We were able to meet with a recent convert, do some planning for a mutual activity we are doing next week, and had a lesson in the evening. There was another random number in our phone that we called and they asked for an appointment. They invited us over. It was 3 women really interested in religion and had us for dinner and a lot of questions and they all took a book of mormon.
On Saturday, we did some service for the stake president here. They had a lot of stuff going on and asked us if we could help clean and polish their boat for the summer. It was cool. Never done anything like it. Then we played soccer with the ward and did some weekly planning.
Sunday, was good. Had a good day at church and knocked some doors and had dinner with the Robinsons.
Anyways lots of stuff happened and it was a great week. My thought this week is just my testimony of this Gospel. Life is full of ups and down and so I am grateful for my faith and to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It is my foundation in life and gives me the peace, happiness, and hope that is sorely needed today. I have a testimony that God lives. He is our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is His son. He is our Savior and redeemer. The boy Joseph Smith did see God the father and Jesus Christ. He is the prophet of the restoration. The book of mormon is the word of God. These things are true and real.

Have a great week!
Elder Witt

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support. It sounds like the weather in Salt Lake is similar to Norway. We have enjoyed both some snow and warm sun lately. It was another good week here in Sandvika. I'm happy to be here. We have been focusing most of our time on different finding activities trying to find some people to teach. And we were able to pick up some pretty positive potentials. 

On Tuesday we decided to try back a former and continue knocking doors on this road  we were at on Saturday. And we were able to talk with a bunch of different people one including a mom who said I'm busy but you guys are more than welcome to come back another day. She said that without us even asking so we were pumped about that. Also on Tuesday, we had district meeting and the zone leaders from Drammen were visiting. They introduced us to our zone transfer goal and plan. It is a challenge for us to be more obedient and I think it will be really good.  We also had the opportunity in the district meeting to share our own conversion stories with each other and why were on a mission. It was way cool to hear everyone's different stories and is a reminder to me that we must all be converted to the gospel even if we were raised in the church. Conversion is a process and we all should seek to be converted. 

On Wednesday, we met with a different investigator we have. His name is -- from Bolivia. Way cool guy. He wants to come to church and loves hearing our messages. He has good potential. One problem is that he works and lives in Sandvika during the week but then lives near Fredrikstad on the opposite side of the fjord during the weekend. We are going to get him lined up with the missionaries there as well. Then we used the rest of the day to contact and knock on some doors.

On thursday, we met with a former investigator. probably the strangest visit I have ever been to. He shared with us some interesting beliefs he has. Turns out that he mainly just likes talking about faith and theories of god and religion and stuff. We were a little bummed but we will keep trying. Also on thursday we met a member of the bishopric. He is like 25 and a stud! He is studying music and a school and way talented.his wife is pregnant so we helped them clean the church and then we had pizza together.

On Friday, we went to the city and got things organized for elder briggs driving test and driving school. he needs to take the test soon. We also contacted a little and went back to the area we knocked doors on tuesday but none of our potentials were home. But on the way back elder briggs gave out a book of mormon on the bus so that was cool. We finished out by weekly planning and going through and organizing our area book more. We have so many records. 

On Saturday, we had sport again with the ward. It was fun. A teenager that elder briggs met before I got here came with us. He is cool and so we are trying to get him friends with the youth. Later we met with -- again. We didn't have a lot of time so we shared a video on the sacrament with him. I was impressed with his understanding. Then we went to the mission home for dinner and to have interviews with President. It was fun to go to the mission home. It had been over a year since I had been there. 

On Sunday we had a good day in church. There were lots of people in attendance! it was good for the ward. Unfortunately none of our investigators came. Altough one promised us she is coming next week. After church we met with bishop and he gave us some assignments so try to visit some people. Then we went and knocked on some doors until a family in the ward here had us over for dinner. They are a fun family. 

My thought for the week is on repentance. There is a definition (from true to the faith I believe) that I really like.

It (repentace) is a change of mind and heart that gives us a fresh view about God, about ourselves, and about the world. It includes turning away from sin and turning to God for forgiveness. It is motivated by love for God and the sincere desire to obey His commandments.

Christ' atoning sacrafice makes repentance and forgiveness possible. Repentance is essential to our daily happiness and progression. There is no better feeling than the effect of christ's cleansing power in your life as you sincerely and fully repent and continue to seek a remission of your sins. 

Have a fabulous week. Love you!

Elder Witt