Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30th, Photos!

Strawberry Farm

Photos from 17th Mai celebration!

May 30, 2016 -- Tromsø, Norway

Hey Family!!

Hope you are all having a great Memorial day! It was transfers last week so I said goodbye to Eldste Osguthorpe and said hello to Eldste Braunberger. Eldste Braunberger is from Central, Utah, Close to St. George. He is awesome. He is a talented musician and can play saxophone,  the piano, and he sings. He has a youtube channel where he makes Electronic Music and he has up to 5 million views. Super cool. I feel very blessed to be where I am and doing what I'm doing. I'm grateful to Our Heavenly Father who continually lifts us With his hand as we turn to him. As it is said in Ether 12: 27. 

 27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

 I know that God has a plan for each one of us. He knows Our hearts, and desires. He knows us and sees Our potential. He knows what will bring you happiness and he also knows what will bring you pain and sorrow. As we align Our lives With the gospel, enter the strait and narrow path, and grab hold of the iron rod, we will be blessed.

We had a good week.

On Tuesday, my last day With Elder Osguthorpe,  we visited with members. The ---s had us over for lunch, we visited ---, ---, and met With ---.

On Wednesday, we dropped off Elder O. early at the airport. Because I didn't have a Companion I spent the day With the ---s!  We set up the Church for the District Conference, went shopping, and ate Food. At around 6:30, we picked up Our New missionaries at the Airport.

Thursday was great. After District Meeting we went contacting. We met this guy named ---. He was interested in the Book of Mormon and we were able to get an appointment With him. Later in the day, we had a neat experience while we were out knocking on doors. At one house a woman answered. We were talking about Jesus Christ and found that she had a strong faith in him. She recognizes Christ's love for us and the Peace that he offers. As we were talking she tells us that we are a sign from God. She had prayed earlier in the day for someone to stop by her house. She said she was praying for a different organization (a specific one, but not us) to come but after a while talking to us she felt we were an answer to her prayer. She broke into tears. We said a prayer With her before we left and it was a really Neat experience. I'm not sure where it will go but We'll be stopping by again soon. I'll keep you updated.

Friday, we did some contacting, met with --- and had a great Meeting With him. He is doing awesome. He has been to Church 5 weeks in a row probably. We also did some weekly planning

Saturday, we did some setting up for the District Conference. A member, who's name is ---, is a Professional Trumpet player and he is currently studying Music at the university, invited us to a concert he was conducting. This member dropped off the face of the earth and hasn't been to Church since I've gotten here so we decided to go support him and it also turned out to be really fun. It was a "concerto night" and wow were the soloists good. There was a Russian who played a Rachmaninoff song on the piano that was Incredible. That evening we had District Conference. There were about 60-70 members total in the Meeting . About 50 actually came to Tromsø and the rest met via skype. President and Sister Hill spoke in both the Saturday and Sunday session, same With the Stake Patriarch and his wife, and President Aabo, who is in the mission presidency. They had other speakers from the different branches through North Norway.

On Sunday, we had the Sunday session of Branch Conference. After that we had a big lunch With everyone and then every left and took their flights home. After that we went banking and met a cool man who gave us his number and said we could come back. Then we visited ---. Good News is that the Family we are teaching came to both sessions of the Conference. They are wonderful People. It is a blessing to have them coming to church and for them to be relatives to the ---. It all Works out so well. God has a plan for them. 

It was a fabulous week. I sure love you all. Thanks for Your support and prayers. Have a great week!

Elder Witt

May 23, 2016 -- Tromsø, Norway

Hey Everyone!!

We had a busy busy week! Lot's of things happen and I got some exciting news! It is time for the next transfer and I found out that I will be staying in Tromsø and training a new missionary.  I'm a little nervous for it but It will be a good experience. I'm looking forward to it. Elder Osguthorpe, my companion will be going to Tønsberg! The last area I served in. He is going to do awesome. It was an honor serving with him for two transfers. He is a good man.

On Tuesday, It was Syttende mai, Norway's national holiday. It was so fun!! The city was packed with people. Lot's of people wore their traditional Norwegian clothes and there was lots of food stands. There were 4 different parades. First in the morning there was an elementary school parade, with all the kids. They walk down main street and there were lots of school marching bands. Second a little later in the day there was a små barn tog, or a parade for preschoolers. Third there is the Russ tog, this is all the graduating seniors in high school. They have huge celebrations leading up to may 17th which is called Russ. Lastly, there was another parade which was the big one. It had all the local organizations, clubs, and teams. There were gymnasts, soccer players, dance teams, motor cross teams, karate clubs, and many more. So we watched most of the parades during the day which was fun. Also during the day, the local museum was free. It is a small aquarium and we were able to watch them feed and train the polar seals. 

On Wednesday, we took a plane to Trondheim to go on splits with the Zone leaders. We were with them Wednesday and thursday and flew home thursday night. An appointment fell through so I spent my time on the street contacting :) I was out with one of the zone leaders and had a cool experience. I was out contacting and I had with me a picture of Jesus and on the back of the card you can order a free movie called "finding faith in Christ". I stopped this man and felt like I should use this card to approach him. I don't usually begin by talking about this free movie we have to give and anyway this man turned out to be a professional movie maker and was interested in the movie! He gave us his number without even asking and said he was busy for the time being but would have time in the future. It was a neat experience!

On Friday, we finally had a day to work in Tromsø. We did weekly planning. It was weird planning for next transfer. Time goes by really fast. We also met with ---. The lesson went really well and we were able to set up another baptismal date with him..... Unfortunately.... The next day, he sent us a text saying that he has been thinking and wants to stop meeting. It was sad but all we can do is keep pushing forward. He will not meet with us any more.

On Saturday, we went and did service again at a member's farm who is struggling financially. They live far away in Sand. We worked on prunny strawberry plants in the rain for 4 to 5 hours. It was tough work but also a lot of fun. 

Sunday, we had a return missionary and her family visit for church. It was a neat experience. The daughter just barely returned home form Norway a couple months ago and her dad served in Norway many years earlier. They both gave talks in Church. The family wasn't able to come to church because Sister Pedersen had surgery so they all weren't able to make it. Good news though is that we met with the family today, and had a really good lesson. We were able to order in some dutch book of mormons and pamphlets for them. 

Next sunday is district conference. The Mission President and the Stake patriach are coming to Tromsø and so are all other members in the district area if they can. 

My thought for the week is: 

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28–30).

I know that in Christ we can find rest for our souls. Christ loves us and will help carry our burdens. I chose this message because recently I've found my self becoming stress or anxious easily. It is true that missionary work is hard but I have also found it to be enjoyable. As we focus on Christ, and focus on others our burdens will be lighter. I'm grateful for all of you and your prayers. I know the church is true.

Love Elder Witt

May 17, 2016 -- Tromsø, Norway

May 17, 2016

Dear Family!

Thanks for your love and support

Saturday was the start of the special holiday weekend here in Norway. Tuesday, may 17 is Norway's independence day. Everyone dresses up nicely into traditional suits and dresses called a Bunad. There will be several parades today. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures. I don't know too much about it but all I know is that there is a lot of food and that it is a good time :)

This last week was awesome. 

Because of shortage of time, I will just give some highlights of the week.

On Tuesday, we had normal district meeting. This time it was on Using time wisely, Chapter 8 in PMG. Time is a precious gift that God has given us. Often it is easy to think that 2 years is a really long time, a long time from home, from school, but really it is just a blink of the eye in an eternal perspective.It is a special and amazing opportunity where you can focus everything on the gospel.The goal now is to best figure out how we can use this precious time in our life most effectively. I have had some of the most enjoyful, rewarding experiences while serving in Norway. I love being a missionary, and I love this great work of the Lord. After that we went street contacting and taught Sandra. Then we visited ---, a member, with the sisters. It was Sister Larsen's last day in the mission. 

We met with --- and had an awesome lesson on the Law of Chastity. He is going to invite his girlfriend to start meeting with us. We pray that she will be open because that will be key to his progression.

We were blessed this week with many new investigators. The first is a man named ---. We have met with him twice already. He is from Oslo, but has been here in Tromsø studying for the last 4 years. He will be moving down to Oslo in June where he can meet with the missionaries there.

The second is a tender mercy of the Lord. It is a family who are relatives to a recent convert family in the branch. They are from the Netherlands and have a strong belief in God. They have a young daughter around 8 years old and They have been to church the last two sundays. They are super fun. I'm very grateful to be here.

My thought for this week is centered on the Book of Mormon. It is essential that we study the Book of Mormon regularly. As we do so a new power will come into our life.  Through prayerful study can we find answers to life's greatest questions. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of God.

I love you all.

Elder Witt

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 34th Week in Norway

Hey family! It was so good to see you yesterday. Sure love you all.

So I don't have to much time today so it will be short. 

Highlights of the week were-

1)Zone Conference in Trondheim. President led a discussion on Chapter 2 of Preach My Gospel on effective studying. The APs led a discussion on chapter 7 of PMG. It was inspring and got me pumped to be more focused with my studies and really make the most of it. I know that as we take time each day to study from the book of mormon that a new power and light will come into our lives. The book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. There is always something new to learn and something new to apply. It is true!

2) ---! We were able to meet again with him this week and start teaching the commandments. He is progressing nice and slowly and he came to church for the first time. 

3) Service at ---'s. It was a great day. On the long drive home I reflected on the many unusual and amazing experiences I've been able to have. As we focus on Service and Being grateful, our challenges become less of a concern and it is easier to find joy in the little things.

I hope you all have a great week. Also, because next week is May 17, the mission is changing which day we have p-day. I'm not sure when we will email. It might still be monday, or possibly, sunday, or even wednesday

love you all

Elder Witt

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 33rd Week in Norway

May 2, 2016

Hey Family!

I can't believe it is May already, time is flying by! I hope you all had a great week. Thanks for the love and support. The weather in Tromsø has been amazing! The sun has been out every day, and we've started wearing just Our white shirts and ties, no coats. Along witth that, the sun sets at about 11 pm and rises at about 3 am. We are almost to the midnight sun!

It was a good week. We were able to meet With --- again, not --- because she was out of town and then we were able to find some cool People.

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting . It focused on helping us become more dedicated missionaries. We read from two talks, "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary" and "Becoming a Consecrated missionary". Both very good and inspiring. It is important to remember that God has high expectations for us and that is because he knows us and Our potential. The amazing thing is that he gives us resources and guides to help us Reach Our potential. All of us aren't Perfect but we can always take steps forward, and that is what the Gospel can do for us. It gives meaning and when lived brings great happiness and Growth. After District Meeting we went street contacting and then visited ---.

Wednesday was a good day. We were both feeling pumped from districting Meeting and Our goal that we set was to be more "urgent" in the work. Such as get ready faster, get Out the door faster, talk With more People, and ect... It worked. We went street contacting and it just felt different. At the end of the day we talked about how we felt more satisfied and happy. We met With --- again. --- came on the teach again. Our goal was to really find out where --- is at. Slow Things Down and focus on him and his needs. It went great. --- reads in the book of mormon. We were able to found out more about why he doesn't come to Church, and he said he just really wants to take Things slow at a pace that is good for him. he takes a lot of time to think. After that we went banking and were able to give a book of mormon to this one girl. She lives in Mo i Rana and will be moving back in the summer so we gave her number to the missionaries there.

Thursday, we went contacting and were able to meet some cool People. We met ---, who is from Portugal, who is searching for the truth. We are Meeting With her on Wednesday. Then we also met ---. He is from Nigeria and just barely moved here to Norway.
Then we did some weekly planning.

On Friday,  We met With ---, who is member here from the Congo. Right after --- we had an appointment With ---, the man we met yesterday. It worked out really well. --- and --- hit it off good and ---'s testimony of his Conversion story was powerful.  --- came to Church on Sunday and we are Meeting With him again this week. After that we continued With Our contacting, and then did some Family history work.

On Saturday, we had Language class With --- again. Always a joy to be there. She helps Our Norwegian a lot. After that we went to the ---'s and helped Elder Olsen change his tires. Then we went contacting and met With ---, a member here, then we did some more contacting, until we needed to clean Our Apartment building. Every several months, the Elders have to clean Our little Apartment buildings stairs and entry way.

On Sunday, we had Church which was great. A member here started a little branch choir and I'm the accompianest which has been really fun. I have really grown to love the piano a lot more. After Church we visited ---, had a birthday dinner at the ---'s for sister ---, and visited --- and gave her the sacrament.

Today, we are flying to Trondheim tomorrow for Zone Conference. It should be a good Meeting.

My thought for the week comes from different experiences I've had this week. Elder Bednar says it best in the patterns of light mormon Messages. "I know when there is a Power Beyond my own." I feel the same way. There is a God in heaven. he is Our Heavenly Father. We are his children. He has a plan for us, and that plan is personal. Seek him and seek his will. I know that Christ's Church has been restored. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is true and is evidence of the restoration

Have a great week! Love,

Elder Witt