Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17 - Sandvika - Last Email of Jake's Mission

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your love and support. This will be my last letter as I will be flying home on Thursday. Thank you for your prayers, for your examples and for your love! 
This last week was great! We didn't get in contact with any investigators, they are either  on vacation and don't come back before August or September or they blocked us on their phone, or they haven't been answering haha but it didn't stop us and we had some great opportunities to find new people. One happened on Thursday. We were on our way to the church for an appointment with a potential, but we never heard anything back from the potential. We were on the bus, and I was talking with a guy who was reading a music score so I asked him about it and he just loved to talk and talk so we miss the bus stop at the church. We stayed on the bus and got off at the next stop. It was right next to a pizza restaurant that we had given the worker a book of mormon. We had tried back at this pizza place several times before but she was never working. But this time she was! So we went and talked to her and she had several good questions. She said it was hard for her to read english so we ended up going back at getting her one in Lithuanian the same day. She is way awesome! It was another testimony to me of God's hand in our life. We hadn't even thought about trying the pizza place that day but things worked out that we ended up there and talked with her. And she even made us a free pizza haha so that was a bonus!
Our mission has also had a big focus this last transfer on the Book of Mormon and we have been trained and practiced in our finding using it and I have loved sharing the book of mormon with people. It is amazing all the different opportunities we have had to give them away and meet new people. 
Anyway we are short on time. But I would like to share just a few thoughts. I am so grateful for my mission and the experiences I have had. It has not been easy, in fact probably the most challenging thing of my life but I would not change it for anything. The Lord blesses us in so many ways. Often in ways that we don't recognize. I don't know where I would be if the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ never happened. I know with certainty that God lives, That Jesus is our Savior, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is evidence of all 3 of those truths. How grateful I am for the prophets in the Book of Mormon who pictured us as they wrote down their testimonies and experiences. I love Norway, Norwegian and the saints here. Gud vær med dem til vi sees igjen.
See you soon. :)
Elder Witt

Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 10 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!
It was a great week! We were busy busy busy and a lot of good things happened. This week is the stake temple week so the majority of the members will be gone in Sweden so before they left they had us over for dinner every night this last week. I love seeing how the Gospel is the same everywhere and how it blesses families and individuals.
Don't have a ton of time, but I did want to share one experience we had this week. We were coming home from an appointment when we took the train and ran to the bus but we miss the bus. so we went into the city center to talk to people and we met a man from China. He was leading a tour group in Norway. He said he had done tour groups in the States and knew some members of the church. We talked to him and he was interested in our message. He talked about how China's current situation is not religious but he explained how there are several people in China including himself that see the benefit religion brings to society. We gave him a book of mormon in english but told him that we could get him one in Chinese before he leaves. He gave us his email and we tentatively made an appointment for Sunday night before they would leave Oslo area. Long story short, we got him one in Chinese and he was excited to start reading. They were leaving Oslo the next day. Another reminder to me that God has a much bigger plan and his plan is always what is best for us and our growth.

one quote I wanted to share is.

"Men and Women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life in the service of God will find eternal life."

President Ezra T. Benson

Love you all. Have a good week!

Elder Witt

July 3 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!
Happy 4th of July tomorrow! Thanks for your love and support. The weather has been hot and sunny! 

It was a good week to be a missionary. Not too many new things happened in our area but we were finally able to get in contact with the woman who we knocked on her door, (the wallet experience) We had written down the wrong telephone number but we finally fixed that. We will be meeting with her this coming week and we are excited about that! 
-- got really busy with work this week and had to cancel several different appointments and -- and -- were on vacation. 

We also were able to visit some members and do some hometeaching. One older member who lives farther away invited us and the sisters over for dinner. She is a great example and wants to find a T-shirt, that says "I'm a Mormon"  
On Saturday, we had a fun time playing sport with some members from the ward. Afterwards we helped a famliy from Romerike ward move in to the Sandvika ward. It was fun to see them again. When I was in Romerike, I remember them telling us they were moving and it is funny to be on the other side now to welcome them in. 

This coming week is going to be busy busy. The members are about to head out to sweden for a temple trip as a ward and so they all wanted to invite us over for dinner this week haha. :) We also got some new potential this week so we are optimistic.

As I'm nearing the end of my mission, I've been thinking about the lessons and blessings I have learned and experienced for the past 2 years. I know there are certain blessings, opportunities, and challenges that were meant for me to experience. 
The opportunity I have had to serve a mission is one of the greatest blessings I have experienced. I know with certainty that God lives, that he is good, that he loves us. 
My thought for this week is around the story of the Savior feeding the 5000. 

I invite you to watch it and pay attention to the Savior's attitude, behavior and every thing he does. He is calm, patient, compassionate, and with perfect faith. A faith that casts out doubt and fear. As we give our 100%. Give our whole 5 loves and 2 fishes. God's miracles can happen today in your life and the lives around you.
I love ya all!
PS. My mission president shared with us a link to a recent story that Elder Holland gave to  new mission presidents at MTC. It is amazing. You should read it


Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 26 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your love and support! It was an awesome week, but we don't have a ton of time, because we got some things we need to do, so I'll just give you the highlights.
On Tuesday, we had zone conference. It was an awesome day. They had all the missionaries going home at the end of the transfer bear their testimonies. It was so powerful!! It was special to participate and watch as a dozen other missionaries got up and shared how their missions and the gospel had changed their lives and blessed the lives of their families and themselves. I was reminded up Alma's words when he asked "is not this real?" We President and Sister Hill gave great presentations. Sister Hill on Joy and President Hill reviewed from our last mission Conference with Elder Herland.  The AP's gave us some good training on using the Book of Mormon in our finding.
On Thursday, we were heading out our apartment, when Elder Briggs couldn't find his wallet. We looked everyone but couldn't find it. We went to the bus stop and called the company and they said they had it at the lost and found.  They gave us the address where we could pick it up and it turned out to be right next to a street where we had knocked doors and had some potential investigators. We took the bus to the lost and found and got his wallet back and tried back the potentials in the area. 1 woman who we had tried 3 times already was home and we were able to teach her. She said how grateful she was we came back because she thought after 3 tries we would just give up haha. It was cool because we probably wouldn't have decided to go back to that area at that time if it wasn't for the lost wallet.
Also on thursday, we had an appointment cancel so instead the member who was with us wanted to go street contacting with us. It was so cool! he had no fear and we had some great success.
On Friday, we had a ward party where our investigator -- came. That was fun.
On Saturday, we had a lesson with -- and also had a good session knocking doors.
Sunday was also a good day. A former investigator came to church so that was good. Mihai didn't make it this week. we were a little bummed. He said he was going to visit his brother. After church we had dinner at the Robinsons and the Hills and also a member in the ward. They made "cafe rio" pork. :)

This week I had an experience that really meant a lot to me and helped re-energize and strengthen my faith. It was right after dinner on Sunday at the Robinisons. We walked out of the apartment and headed towards the main road, when I randomly looked to the left and and saw a man sitting on a bench. I immediately thought that we should talk to him but then began to rationalize why it would be okay to keep going. I recognized this thought process and realized that we had nothing to lose by talking to him but if we passed by him then we could be missing something really big. So we turned around and went and talked to him and it turned out to be a sweet experience! We gave him a book of mormon and have his number. It was perfect timing because his friend arrived so he had to leave. It was such a special experience and I'm grateful for God's love and awareness and the Holy Ghost.
So my encouragement this week is to trust those impressions and thoughts you have that lead you to do good and then act on them!
Love you all so much!
Elder Witt

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support! It was an awesome week! We were able to experience several tender mercies and feel the lord's guiding hand in the work. It is encouraging to see some progress!
We met again with Justo. One of our good member friends, assistant ward mission leader was with us. He is a convert of two years and shared with -- his conversion story especially about the Book of Mormon. It was good for -- to hear and hopefully will get him to start reading in the Book of Mormon.
Another awesome thing about the week is our investigator -- (-- is his romanian name so I will probably use that because it is cool ). Mihai came to church! We met with him on Friday with one of the youth in the ward. The actual lesson didn't go the best. Mihai had several concerns but it worked out because he came to church and wants to learn more. The ward members were really good at welcoming him and talking with him. Elder and Sister Robinsion, the mission office couple were so good and including him in the sunday school lesson. (we went to the english class with him) -- is a good guy.
Another cool highlight of the week was on Thursday. We tried back a potential who said we could come back after a month. We sat down and talked with her outside and answered her questions. She is a teacher at the highschool and loves learning about religions. She asked several good questions and we had a good meeting. She wants missionaries to come back in the fall and line up a time for them to come and do a presentation at the school.
Overall it was a great week, and I'm grateful to be here in Sandvika. I appreciate the support of the members here and it was fun visiting several of them this week. One took us out to IKEA after carrying some furniture he bought. He bought us the Large size of the Large plate of Meatballs, potatoes and gravy. Traditional scandanavia food :) Soooo good!
Thought: President Eyring gave a talk in the recent Women's session of conference about the Holy Ghost. He taught how the Holy Ghost, or the Comforter is God given to bring us peace. But he connected it to the verse from D&C 11:12  And now, verily, verily, say unto thee, put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good—yea, to do justlyto walk humblyto judgerighteously; and this is my Spirit.  President Eyring said, "Most often, the good He will lead you to do will involve helping someone else receive comfort from God." Let us be on the Lord's errand and trust in that spirit which leadeth to do good. Let's comfort those that stand in need of comfort and share the peace offered by the Savior.
Have a good week!
Elder Witt

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 13 - Sandvika

Hey everyone! 

Thanks for your love and support! It's been raining and raining here in Norway and the rivers are flooding but today the sun is out and everything is beautiful and green. It was transfers last week and crazy to say goodbye to 13 elders who just went home. They are studs and I'm glad I was able to serve with some of them. I'm excited to be here another transfer with Elder Briggs in Sandvika. Things are picking up and we had a good week.

The highlight of the week was definitely a guy name -- that we met on the street. We were out knocking doors Wednesday night and having no success and we felt like we should go somewhere else. We went back to the city and met --. He is from Romania and was really nice and believes in God and Jesus Christ. On Friday we were doing some weekly planning and gave him a call to get an appointment for the next week. He answered and said he could meet in 20 minutes haha. We called the sisters in the area and it worked out great because they were able to get us some pamphlets in Romanian. We took the bus with Michael to the church and showed him around and then talked with him about the restoration. . He loved the message we shared and was interested. It is experiences like these that just remind you who's work this really is. It is so cool to be a part of it!

This week we met with a Newer convert in the ward and did some service for our Ward Organist. She is one of the most positive people I know! She also made us homemade Kjøttkaker which is very Norwegian and delicious! We also got to play some soccer with some of our friends and a few members of the ward on Saturday like usual. 

We weren't able to meet with some of our other investigators this last week but we got some lined up for this week.

I was insprired from another missionary to start a little tradition this week with Elder Briggs. "Skikkelig Norsk" We are going to do something fun each week that is just super Norwegian. This last week we bought Oranges and a kvikk lunsj for a snack while we were out. Kvikk lunsj is a kit kat but x 10 in goodness. It is very Norwegian to take a kvikk lunsj and an orange when you go for a hike or skiing especially during easter time. 

My thought for the week is from the Book of Mormon. Alma 48: 17-18 

17 "Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

18 Behold, he was a man like unto Ammon, the son of Mosiah, yea, and even the other sons of Mosiah, yea, and also Alma and his sons, for they were all men of God.

How powerful those verses are. These people in the scriptures are real. Picture it. They had families, friends, and they labored hard to preserve their freedom and their faith. They are our examples. We get a little insight into what kind of a man Moroni was in earlier verses...

One that I particularly like is in verse 12. Moroni was a "man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people."

He was grateful and diligent. Signs of humility and love.

Have a good week!

Elder Witt

June 5 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support. The weather is gorgeous today and the sky is blue and sunny. I am not used to the warm weather haha because last year in Tromso it never got this warm. I am grateful for Norway, and for the Norwegian people. You come to appreciate the differences, uniqueness of each of us over the world.  It is transfers this week and I will be staying in Sandvika with Elder Briggs! I'm happy about that. 

It was a great week! We were visited by an area authority 70 for mission conference. Elder Herland, who actually is Norwegian, served his mission in Norway, served as a bishop and stake president in Norway. If there is anyone who understands missionary work in Norway it would be him. He was very personable and gave great encouragement, counsel, and instruction. 

Mission conference was on Wednesday with us and we were combined with the West Zone. It was fun seeing old companions. Sister Hill shared with us thoughts on the Christlike attribute of Hope. She shared stories from the lives and missions of her 3 sons. President Hill shared with us thoughts on "our missionary adventure". He shared a quote from Elder Ballard that I love "Adverstity becomes adventure in the service of the Lord" . He also shared a cool story about gratitude form church history. Lastly, Elder Herland taught us about obedience, and based many of his remarks on the recent conference talk "stand up inside and be all in" He shared his life story and taught us about the change in his life and about repentance and invited us to join "the club". We all have our own problems, weaknesses and challenges. The issue is not our problems, but the real question and issue is are we all in? Are wededicated disciples or are we rationalizing behavior that needs change or are we holding anything back. He shared a strong testimony of God's love and that No effort in the service of the Lord is wasted. 

Also this week we met again with Justo. He is such a optimistic guy and has a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ. We began talking about the plan of salvation and focused on the spirit and temples. Without us evening saying anything, he taught us about Jesus Christ organizing missionary work i the spirit world after he died on the cross and before his resurrection. It is interesting how well he understands the Bible, especially the old testiment and all the truths taught by the restoration. We invited him to baptism but he dodged the question and explained to us that his quest is to know god. He isn't really looking for anything else. But he is still positive and wants to learn more. 

We also met with  Samad, the man who lived over by the robinsons. We gave him the Book of Mormon in Persian. We will see what happens.

On Thursday, the other two zones had mission conference and afterwards the Missionaries in Narvik and alesund were staying at the mission home but their flights didn't leave until the next day so they went on splits with us. It was so fun going on splits with Elder Osguthorpe.! Wow it had been almost a year but it was like the good old times contacting in Tromso. 

My thought this week is from this short video 

The story of Gideon is inspiring. It is an example of God's pattern in taking ordinary people and making them extraordinary.  Doing the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. Gideon and a small army of 300 men defeat the mideonites with a ratio of 1 of them to 500. Blessings will flow into your life as you "stand up inside and be all in" in your discipleship to our Savior Jesus Christ. Love you all and have a good week.

Elder Witt

Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 29 - Sandvika

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for your love and support. Spring has come and it is sunny and green here in Norway. I'm grateful to be here in this beautiful land.
I'm short on time. We went on another hike this morning and  did some service for a member family. They are moving and fixing up their new house and it needs to be done this week so there is a lot of work to do.

It was a really good week! We had several good experiences visiting members, teaching investigators and finding people! One was with our investigator --. He is from Bolivia and way cool. It had been a while since we got contact with him so it was good to meet him again. We reviewed the restoration to make sure he got it all and then gave him a Book of Mormon in Spanish. He told us he would read the whole thing from cover to cover and pray about it. He has a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ. He is positive to our message. he told us that he has visited a bunch of different christian churches but doesn't affiliate with any of them. We gave him a tour of our church building and he was impressed. We explained that we would answer the questions "where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going" next time and he began to quote jeramiah explaining that of course we come from somewhere because we must have lived with god. Let's just say I'm looking forward to meeting with him again!
We also got to visit several wonderful members. Our ward mission leader (who is from sweden and speaks swedish to us haha) had us over and they made duck and it was way good! We also visited an older woman in a rest home with the sisters. She is so sweet and strong. She would just talk openly about her testimony of the gospel to the workers while we were there. We also got to visit a family, where the mom was a missionary when my Grandparents were at Temple square. She showed us a picture when she was going home and Grandpa and Grandma Witt were in the picture. She also had her plaque of release with Grandpa's signature. It was cool. On Sunday we had a ward dinner after church and a lot of people came and participated.
We met this week with two new guys we met on the street. They come from Iran and wanted to learn about our message and and for us to tell them everything and give them books to read and stuff. They spoke pretty good norwegian but there was a little langague barrier. They are way nice and said they are coming to church on sunday.
We also got invited to a bible study this week. It was an international baptist group and it was a good experience. They were really friendly and I thought it was good to build some relationships with them. We talked about prayer and the Pastor had good insight. I don't think we will continue going though because it was more of a sermon than a discussion study group.
My thought for this week is inspired by the recent devotional for young adults. "thou art Joseph" by Elder Kim B. Clark. His message was informative and insightful. Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. I know that to be true. It was cool to learn about Joseph's experience as a young adult. Just like us, Joseph had to go through an experience of growth, faith and repentance, and a change of heart. And just like Joseph, we are children of a Heavenly Father, with glorious potential. Just replace, your name in the phrase "Thou art-------" . The Lord knows you. He knows your struggles, he knows your potential, he knows your strengths, and he has a work for you to do! He asks us to repent, which means to turn to him with all our heart and we can be a force for good in the world, in our families, in the Lord's church, and for ourselves.
Have a great week!
Elder Witt

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22 - Sandvika

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for your love and support. It was a good week here in Sandvika. I am happy to be here and grateful for the experiences I am having.

This week was a special week for Norway. Wednesday, the 17th of may, was Norway's national day. Everyone dresses in their sunday best and a lot of people where traditional Norwegian clothing called bunads.  We were lucky to be able to go into Oslo for the day to be a part of the celebrations. Tickets were reserved for us so we could go to the Palace and watch the Childrens's parade and the royal family come out. At around 10 am, a carriage came to the palace and a group of traditional dressed dancers performed a dance and then a little after the royal family came out on the balcony to wave to the crowds. Then we sang "Ja vi elsker" Norway's national song. This year we were challenged and encouraged to learn and memorize the song. It was fun to sing along with the Norwegians. My love for the country, land, language and people grows every day. It was also way cool because Jacob parkin was in town and he found some other missionaries who called me so we could meet and get a picture. It was fun to see him. He is a good guy. Then we went to the mission home for a bbq and to play some games.

Also this week we went on splits with the zone leaders in Drammen. It was a good day full of hard work and we had a good time. We weren't able to meet with all of our investigators this week because of the holiday and some people were out of town but we did get to meet with a couple and it went well. We also met a new guy on the street on Tuesday and have an appointment with him this week on Wednesday. He seems pretty positive and wants to come to church. So we are just keeping on and praying for the best.

We also had the opportunity this week to do some service for an Older member in the ward. We did some painting inside because she is remodeling her house. That was fun.

This coming week is looking good with potential. Not a lot of new stuff happened this last week so I thought I would send more pictures to make up for it. 

I spent a lot of time this week studying the plan of Salvation, specifically around Adam and Eve. Just as the Atonement is essential to God's plan for us, so is the fall of Adam and Eve. As we can read from 2 Nephi 2 in the Book of mormon "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." (2 nephi 2 25) I know that Adam and Eve were real. The events that happened in the Garden, were apart of God's plan for "to bring about his eternal purposes in the end of man" (2nd nephi 2 15). They were essential in allowing us to experience mortality, to be tested, to gain a body, and to learn how to make correct choices and follow our Savior Home. Oh how joyful this life can be by seeking knowledge, peace, and love from the restored and everlasting gospel of jesus Christ.

Have a great week!

Elder Witt

May 15 - Sandvika

Hey Family!
It was a lot of fun seeing and talking to you guys. I'm sure grateful to be a part of this family. Thanks for your love and support!
There are some things we want to get done today so I'm going to keep it shorter and stick to the highlights!
A week ago we decided to start knocking doors near the Robinsons arpartment (the senior couple) and it has been a gold mine! We got invited in twice this last week and it was 2 houses on the same street. Doesn't happen to often so we were pumped. One was an older woman whose husband passed away 30 years ago and she shared with us her conversion story. She explained how it was a troubling time for her but she found peace in the bible and has been christian ever since. She is from scotland and really nice and invited us to come to an open bible study at her house on wednesdays. We are thinking of going some time. The second was a man from Iran who has lived in Norway for a while. He is not actively religious but believes there is only one truth and church and has read the bible, koran, but hasn't found anything. We taught him the restoration and are going to bring him a book of mormon in persian. He invited us back not this week but next week. That was exciting!
On Wednesday, us and the sisters in Asker put on a missionary evening activity for mutual. 7 youth from the ward came and it was a huge success. We played different games mimicing the life of missionary from finding alarm clocks blindfolded to shaving a baloon and running to catch a bus, to teaching fake investigators the restoration and have a "member dinner". I was impressed with the youth and there teaching abilities. Also had a testimony from a returned missionary in the ward of the blessings of missionary service.
The other main highlight would be mothers day. We had a wonderful day at church. I gave a talk on the restoration of the aaronic priesthood and we had dinner at the mission home. And then it was awesome skyping home.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve as a missionary. I recently listened to a talk by President Eyring, "Waiting upon the Lord: the power of Heaven" and I was touched by his message. He quotes President Heber J. Grant "There is but one path of safety to the Latter-day Saints, and that is the path of duty. It is not testimony, it is not marvelous manifestations, it is not knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, . . . it is not actually knowing that the Savior is the Redeemer, and that Joseph Smith was His prophet, that will save you and me, but it is the keeping of the commandments of God, the living the life of a Latter-day Saint."  President Eyring explains that path of duty is not easy but will require us to call down the power of heaven in our live. He then quotes Isaiah. " But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." As we trust in God, learn and do our duty in meekness and humility, we will experience the power of heaven in our life. The church is true!
Elder Witt

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8 - Sandvika

Hey family!!

Thanks for your love and support. Time is flying by and I can't believe it is another Pday and that I am in the library writing letters again. It was a solid week. The sun was shining every day and we had some cool experiences finding, teaching and serving. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.
On Tuesday, we had district meeting in the morning. It was on Accountability and key indicators. Then we took a train and bus to try a name that bishop gave us. It turned out that they had moved so that was good to find out. Then we knocked doors in the area but not many people would talk to us. However one woman, who was struggling, said she knew some members but she didn't feel up to talking so we gave her a card.
On Wednesday, the mission did a special finding day. It was "a selfie day" . The objective was to try to get as many selfies as possible with the hashtag "thebookofmormonoslo" and have the people post it on social media with us. It was to try to get our name out. We got a couple selfies and you might be able to find them on facebook. Wednesday night, the ward had a "mormon helping hands" service project. We went to a nearby beach and cleaned it up, picking up trash and debris.
Thursday was an awesome day! We met a man named -- on the street last week and had an appointment with him. He is a Jehovah's witness and had met with missionaries 30 years ago or so. He had some questions so we got an appointment. He brought a friend named --. He is young, newly converted to jehovah's witnesses and doesn't know much about us. We had a good lesson and gave them both book of mormons. All they are concerned with is physical evidence of the book of mormon and prophecies and like things.  But after that we went to the library for another appointment. It was a random guy that the AP's found in their phone and referred to us. He didn't show up but it probably was for the best, because as we were walking outside the library, a man called us over to chat. He is from Africa and turns out to be a potential in the phone. He was a nice guy so it was good to meet him. Then we saw another potential, --. She is from bolivia and has family that are members. She has been to church in bolivia before and to a temple open house I think. She keeps telling us that she will come to church but hasn't made it yet. It was cool to see her. Then we walked over the bridge and randomly talked to this guy who was waiting in line for a newly opened restaurant. We asked him about it and then he said are you guys the missionaries?? I know a member and I used to meet with you guys and read from the book of mormon. He was way cool and said he would start meeting again. Then we walked another 50 yards and a guy stopped us on the street and asked us if we are mormons. He is a school teacher at a nearby school teaching a class that talks about religions. He asked us questions. We ended up teaching him all the restoration and most of the plan of salvation for like 45 minutes. Then gave him all our supplies. He said he wants us to come and give a presentation. Then he gave us his number and we got an appointment with him this week. Then met a cool guy from France who talked to us for a bit. After that our landlords had us for dinner. They are way cool.
Friday, was also a good day. We were able to meet with a recent convert, do some planning for a mutual activity we are doing next week, and had a lesson in the evening. There was another random number in our phone that we called and they asked for an appointment. They invited us over. It was 3 women really interested in religion and had us for dinner and a lot of questions and they all took a book of mormon.
On Saturday, we did some service for the stake president here. They had a lot of stuff going on and asked us if we could help clean and polish their boat for the summer. It was cool. Never done anything like it. Then we played soccer with the ward and did some weekly planning.
Sunday, was good. Had a good day at church and knocked some doors and had dinner with the Robinsons.
Anyways lots of stuff happened and it was a great week. My thought this week is just my testimony of this Gospel. Life is full of ups and down and so I am grateful for my faith and to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It is my foundation in life and gives me the peace, happiness, and hope that is sorely needed today. I have a testimony that God lives. He is our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is His son. He is our Savior and redeemer. The boy Joseph Smith did see God the father and Jesus Christ. He is the prophet of the restoration. The book of mormon is the word of God. These things are true and real.

Have a great week!
Elder Witt

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support. It sounds like the weather in Salt Lake is similar to Norway. We have enjoyed both some snow and warm sun lately. It was another good week here in Sandvika. I'm happy to be here. We have been focusing most of our time on different finding activities trying to find some people to teach. And we were able to pick up some pretty positive potentials. 

On Tuesday we decided to try back a former and continue knocking doors on this road  we were at on Saturday. And we were able to talk with a bunch of different people one including a mom who said I'm busy but you guys are more than welcome to come back another day. She said that without us even asking so we were pumped about that. Also on Tuesday, we had district meeting and the zone leaders from Drammen were visiting. They introduced us to our zone transfer goal and plan. It is a challenge for us to be more obedient and I think it will be really good.  We also had the opportunity in the district meeting to share our own conversion stories with each other and why were on a mission. It was way cool to hear everyone's different stories and is a reminder to me that we must all be converted to the gospel even if we were raised in the church. Conversion is a process and we all should seek to be converted. 

On Wednesday, we met with a different investigator we have. His name is -- from Bolivia. Way cool guy. He wants to come to church and loves hearing our messages. He has good potential. One problem is that he works and lives in Sandvika during the week but then lives near Fredrikstad on the opposite side of the fjord during the weekend. We are going to get him lined up with the missionaries there as well. Then we used the rest of the day to contact and knock on some doors.

On thursday, we met with a former investigator. probably the strangest visit I have ever been to. He shared with us some interesting beliefs he has. Turns out that he mainly just likes talking about faith and theories of god and religion and stuff. We were a little bummed but we will keep trying. Also on thursday we met a member of the bishopric. He is like 25 and a stud! He is studying music and a school and way talented.his wife is pregnant so we helped them clean the church and then we had pizza together.

On Friday, we went to the city and got things organized for elder briggs driving test and driving school. he needs to take the test soon. We also contacted a little and went back to the area we knocked doors on tuesday but none of our potentials were home. But on the way back elder briggs gave out a book of mormon on the bus so that was cool. We finished out by weekly planning and going through and organizing our area book more. We have so many records. 

On Saturday, we had sport again with the ward. It was fun. A teenager that elder briggs met before I got here came with us. He is cool and so we are trying to get him friends with the youth. Later we met with -- again. We didn't have a lot of time so we shared a video on the sacrament with him. I was impressed with his understanding. Then we went to the mission home for dinner and to have interviews with President. It was fun to go to the mission home. It had been over a year since I had been there. 

On Sunday we had a good day in church. There were lots of people in attendance! it was good for the ward. Unfortunately none of our investigators came. Altough one promised us she is coming next week. After church we met with bishop and he gave us some assignments so try to visit some people. Then we went and knocked on some doors until a family in the ward here had us over for dinner. They are a fun family. 

My thought for the week is on repentance. There is a definition (from true to the faith I believe) that I really like.

It (repentace) is a change of mind and heart that gives us a fresh view about God, about ourselves, and about the world. It includes turning away from sin and turning to God for forgiveness. It is motivated by love for God and the sincere desire to obey His commandments.

Christ' atoning sacrafice makes repentance and forgiveness possible. Repentance is essential to our daily happiness and progression. There is no better feeling than the effect of christ's cleansing power in your life as you sincerely and fully repent and continue to seek a remission of your sins. 

Have a fabulous week. Love you!

Elder Witt

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 24 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your love and support. I arrived in Sandvika wednesday morning by train. So far so good! my companion is a stud and the area has some good things happening with potential. I have a feeling that it will be a great transfer.
On Tuesday, For my last day in Romerike we taught -- again!  We felt like we should make some changes in our plan the day of and instead review some plan of Salvation with her. It was way good! Our member bore powerful testimony and I think it really got her thinking. I hope and pray that she follows through and keeps her commitments.
On Wednesday, I arrived here in Sandvika. We met with one of our Investigators named --. He is a little older going to school, trying to figure things out it his life. He has a big exam next week and so when we offered if there was anything we could to do help him, he asked if we could help him study a little. He is learning from a chemistry book. We studied a little with him and then had a lesson. In the evening we had a ward activity. It was about becoming self reliant. The bishopric hosted it and we had different stations that we went to. One was about Financing, another was nutrition, another was exercise,  another was emergency preparation, and other was an eating station where a member made a simple but delicious soup! It was fun to meet some of the members. They were happy that I played the piano and made use of that. But probably the coolest thing that happen was meeting a member who served in Temple square when Grandpa and Grandma Witt were serving in Temple Square. She saw my name tag and immediately asked if my grandpa was a mission president there. She then showed me a facebook group that she is a part of and it had several older pictures with my grandparents there. It was a confirmation for me that I'm where I'm suppose to be. It was touching to  see the love she has for Grandpa and Grandma Witt.
On thursday we had district meeting. It is a small district. It is just us and the sisters in Asker. We also did some contacting in the city and met a new convert in the evening and knocked some doors in his area.
On Friday, we did weekly planning. We are going to go through the area book and organize it and make it look neater. One thing that the ward mission leader in Romerike taught was "the mushroom effect." That often many people who are prepared are in the neighborhood of those we are working with. Comparable to how mushrooms usually grown in groups, that if you find one mushroom there are usually others nearby. We are hoping to identify some people to try as we go forward.
On Saturday we had sport. In several wards, members gather on saturday to play soccer and in Sandvika they do that. It will be a good way to get to know the youth better. There is someone that Elder Briggs and his previous companion invited randomly on the street and he comes too. Also on Saturday, we tried a former investigator in the evening. He wasn't home but a man who lived on the same street let us in! It was pretty funny because after we shared why were out and about he just said, come on in! He told us that he isn't looking to change but likes discussing things. He took our plan of salvation pamphlet and said eh would read. He was a nice guy.
On Sunday we had Stake conference. It made it a little tricky to meet the members of sandvika. The conference was held in Romerike haha so it was fun to be back in the building again. They didn't broadcast it so all the members in the oslo stake gathered in Romerike. It was packed! It was fun to see some members from Fredrikstad and also the members in Romerike again. We met with -- again. He is a funny guy. I really feel like he has a lot of potential. We will see how things go. In the evening the Robinsons invited us over for dinner. They are the senior missionary couple who work in the office. Wonderful people. They are friends of President and Sister Hill.

My thought for the week comes from stake conference and also a talk from President Ucthdorf "O How Great the Plan of Our God!". President Uchtdorf says, "It seems to be human nature: as we become more familiar with something, even something miraculous and awe-inspiring, we lose our sense of awe and treat it as commonplace". He then poses the question "Do we take Spiritual Truths for granted?"  A big theme in the stake conference in Oslo was about the blessing of the Restoration of the FULLNESS of the gospel. It was a restoration of light and truth. And with this increased light and truth, we have greater opportunities in this life. As I thought about how we can combat taking these spiritual truths for granted another quote from a conference talk in April 2016 came to mind. It is a talk that I have listen and read a long with a bunch for language study. The talk is by Elder Snow. He says, "Spencer W. Kimball, the 12th President of the Church, said: “How does one get humble? To me, one must constantly be reminded of his dependence. On whom dependent? On the Lord. How remind one’s self? By real, constant, worshipful, grateful prayer"
Have a great week! I love ya!

Elder Witt

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 17 - Sandvika

Happy Easter everyone! 

Thanks for your continual love and support! I'm so grateful for this easter season and for the opportunity I have to be a missionary. It is an experience I will always be grateful for. We found out about transfers this morning and I will be moving to Sandvika. It is on the western side of Oslo, so a 30 minute train ride from lillestrøm. So not a long move. My companion will be Elder Briggs. I think he got to the land last fall or summer so he hasn't been out too long but he is a stud and a great guy and I'm looking forward to serving with him. Sandvika is where the mission home is and where the senior office couple live. There is a ward in Sandvika. I'm excited :)

It was a good last week in Romerike. On Pday, after we finished emailing we met with a former investigator from the Area Book. It went pretty good and they will be meeting with him again soon. Also, monday evening we visited an older lady in the ward who asked us if we could do some service and have dinner. That was fun.

Tuesday was a solid day. We had a lesson with --. Our ward mission leader came along. We watched President Monson's last talk on the book of mormon with her. She had really good questions. She is still solid and positve to our message and finding out if it is true. I think it will just take some time to get there.  From what I've experienced it is helpful to have members on teaches. If you are looking to be more involved I would suggest getting to know the missionaries in where you live and offer your time! 

Another highlight of the week was definitely easter sunday and church. We had 3 visitors who weren't members in our gospel principles class. And they all participated with questions. It was a way good experience. Another thing that was good is that Elder Richardson and I have decided to start attending Youngmens class. We want to focus on the youth and YSA and get to know them more and be more invovled. It felt right and good to be there. 

I also had a neat and special experience in Sacrament meeting. We had our district meeting this week on loving the people and charity. I was sitting in the back in sacrament meeting so I looked around at each member present. I looked at them and thought about them and I saw a group of faithful saints who love god and follow him. I thought of the scripture in D&C 84: 20 "Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest." That scripture has always stood out to me. It teaches us the importance of ordinances and convenants that invite power into our lives. It teaches us about the priesthood and priesthood authority. And this sunday it took on a new meaning for me during the ordinance of the sacrament. As I looked around the congregation as the sacrament was passed out, I saw power. The power of faith, the power of healing covenants and renewing covenants. I felt the power of God manifest in the lives of everyday people doing their best and worshiping our lord on his holy day. In a growing secular society, the common person wouldn't be at church on sunday, but our faith makes us do things we wouldn't do otherwise. And our faith in Christ and his atoning sacrafice gives us power. 

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Witt 

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10 - Romerike

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support! We woke up this morning to blue skies and sunshine. It had rained last night and so the air is fresh and the plants are growing and becoming more green. I love this time of year. 

It was a good week! I don't have too much news about investigators here in Romerike. We are just really struggling to find people to teach but we won't give up. We did have a cool experience while we were out though. There is a budhist man that we met in the city a couple weeks ago. We have occasionally seen him since then. He is really friendly and a good guy. one day we decided to try back this house and along the way in the neighborhood here comes this man so we stoped and talked to him for a bit. He told us that he talked to his girlfriend one day said that he met us in the city and then she went to the bookshelf and pulled out a book of mormon. He told us that he started reading a little. He also has told us that he likes learning about other religions and would come to church sometime. 
We had zone conference on Thursday in Oslo. It was AWESOME! Such a positive experience, and I'm so grateful I was able to be a part of it. In one of my earliest MTC devotionals, a speaker said something that kind of became a central idea for our presentation. He said, "Our attitude/feeling about church will affect how well we can create an environment where the Holy ghost will bear witness to the investigator the importance of Church attendance." So our hope and goal with the presentation was to help all of us leave with greater feelings and appreciation for church. Church is our "game day" as missionaries. We've got a lot of things happening, and a lot of things to think about. Investigators, unexpected talks or lessons, talking and building relationships with members. Whether it is game day for sports, or a perfomance day for something musical. . Those times can be stressful and but they also have the potential to be a highlight and boost, and good experience. So in the presentation, we reviewed the reasons we go to church and focused on the sacrament, using most of our ideas and discussion around the talk by sister esplin, "The sacrament- a renewal for the soul" I love the term renewal. WE all need to be renewed, we all need that refreshing and reboost to start the week. The sabbath day has the potential to be a day that revigorizes us if we so choose to let it do that. and at the very core is our attendance in sacrament meeting, worshiping God.  President Hill and Sister Hill also gave a presentation, and talked about working with youth and Young adults and shared some training they received. It was great. 

After that, the next highlight of the week was going on splits in Hamar. I was with Elder Hall. We are in the same MTC group and we've been in the same district for 8 transfers of our missions so for over a year haha. so we have been able to go on splits several times. We have a good laugh about that. In hamar, we had a solid day finding and got several potentials and had a lesson with an investigator up there who is working towards baptism.  It is exciting to see that progress. 

Moves is next week so I will find out what happens next monday. We also have a meeting with -- on tuesday.

Happy easter everyone. I hope you have a great week. I am grateful for our savior, Jesus Christ. I know he lived, suffered, died, and rose from the grave to fulfill the great plan of His father in heaven. He is the prince of peace. let us remember him this week and share his love!

Elder Witt

April 3 - Romerike

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your continual encouragement, prayers, and support! I can't believe it is already another monday. Last week went by so fast. It was a great week.

So on monday night we got a call from a member that 60+ students would be coming to the church building on wednesday for school. She had just barely found out and so she asked for help to give a presentation/tours to the students. I was way pumped about it. In Romerike, I've had several opportunities to give presentations to schools and it is just a great way to share the gospel to the youth in Norway. So after district meeting on tuesday we met with the sisters and this member to go over the presentation. After that we visited a recent convert and studied with her. We've been going through bible stories and this time we read the experience of the savior in the Garden of gethsemane in preparation for easter. She is doing awesome and continues to inspire me with her faithfulness and love for the gospel. She is preparing to go to the temple in the summer when she hits her year mark as a member.

On Wednesday morning, we had the presentation and it went well. There were several youth afterwards asking questions that took pamphlets. Also on wednesday, we were referred to a friend of a member who needed help moving so we did some service, and then had our meeting with the ward mission leader in the evening. 

On Thursday, we did some planning for zone conference this coming week. It is next thursday. It is on revelation through church attendance. We're going to focus on the sacrament and practice teaching the importance of church attendance and planning to help investigators attend. We also stopped by -- and -- to invite them to conference. Unfortunately they were going to be gone over the weekend. Good news is that -- has finished 2nd nephi and Jacob, and is still continuing to read. Bad news is that he said he would call us when he has time and feels ready to meet so they are on pause now :( 

On Friday, we were on splits with the Fredrikstad elders. I was with Elder Hadley. He was one of my comps in arendal. Friday was the first day of the easter initiative. It was good to go out with the pass along cards and share the video. We also visited Trude and had a lesson with her. It had been several weeks since we had met with her and she hasn't read and didn't come to conference. A little disappointing but we'll keep going. 

On Saturday, we wanted to focus on finding so we tried a former and knocked doors in the neighborhood and then went to the church to watch conference and to plan more for zone conference.

On Sunday, we watched the priesthood session at 11, then saturday afternoon session at 2 , and then sunday morning at 6 pm. A member brought a work colleage to conference on saturday. It was awesome! 

My thought for the week is revolved around President Monson's words on the book of mormon. I believe that president monson is the Lord's Prophet. There was a special spirit as he stood at the pulpit and spoke. Last transfer I went on splits with a missionary who inspired me to set a goal to read the book of mormon in a transfer. Reading it at such a fast pace has taught me that the book really is another testament of christ. I've noticed over and over a pattern in the Prophet's testimonies. And that is their testimony of the savior. Nephi, Jacob, Alma, Moroni, and the other prophets in the book are real. They really did engrave their words into ancient records. They took the time to write what they feel is most important.  They wrote that their children would know who to turn to for peace, and joy in this life and eternal life in the world to come. They wrote that we would know, that Christ is the ONLY way to salvation. and what a glorious message to know and have in our life. 

Have a good week!!

Love you all!!!!

Elder Witt

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March 27 - Romerike

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support! The sun is out, the weather is beautiful and I'm grateful and happy to be here in Norway. It was a good week. We had some setbacks with investigators, and were still trying to find some people to teach but it was neverthless a good week and some really cool stuff happened!

-- sent us a text, canceling our appointment, because a lot of stuff came up in his work and he is super busy and can't meet for the time being. Then -- had her parents visiting on vacation and couldn't meet. And we tried a couple times to contact that other young family but they were never home. We got a couple new appointments this week that I'll let you know how those go. 

Here are some cool experiences that happened this week.

1) A woman that Elder Richardson and I contacted this last week or a week ago randomly came to church! She was an exchange student in Utah and lived with a mormon family. She isn't religious but loved staying with this family in Utah.  I didn't notice her but the sisters talked to her and invited her to Sunday school and stuff but she was hesitant. She just wanted to sit in the chapel and think. A young mom in the ward saw her and went and sat by her and talked to her. This young woman explained how she had met us on the street and wanted to come see if it felt the same in Norway as it did in Utah, which she answered saying it did. She then asked this mom how it was growing up in the church in Norway and how it is being a member. She got to bare her testimony and it was a special experience for them both. The mom had to go to Primary but told this young woman that she was always welcome back. So that was way cool. The gospel is true! Hope to see her again. 

2) We had splits with the APs this week. I was in Oslo but Elder Richardson and Bleggi had a cool experience. They were knocking doors here in Lillestrøm and met an atheist. He was a former Jehovas witness and had experience knocking doors so we was nice and listened to what they had to say. This man was way impressed with how they acted and was also impressed that they weren't just out to convince him of the truth and press him or force him to accept the message. He noticed all they wanted to do was share their message. So he told them he would take the mormon.org card, take a picture of it and post on Facebook, about his positive experience. A few days later we got a call from the missionaries in Moss, saying that a member in Moss saw the post that this random guy in lillestrøm put on Facebook and how it got a bunch of likes and comments from other people saying good things about mormons and missionaries. 

On Tuesday, we our meeting in Oslo and it was way good. I always love being with the other missionaries and also hearing from President and Sister Hill. We talked about several different things. We went through some training that President received from the executive missionary commitee on working with Youth and YSA. In the training there was a panel of YSA who are recent converts and two that were featured were from Norway! One from Bergen that was baptized 5 years ago and living in utah, and another who is living in the states who was baptized like 5 weeks ago. Awesome to see Norway represented! We also talked about the upcoming video, The Prince of Peace that the church will post on March 31. Watch it and share it! 

It was way fun to be on splits in Oslo. i like the big city with a LOT of people. There is always someone to talk to. Elder Mitchell and I grilled burgers for lunch. The APs have a grill on their balcony. we made bacon, blue cheese burgers. Heavenly.

I have a testimony of this gospel. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer. He is the prince of peace. I'm excited for general conference and that we have the opportunity to hear from the leaders of the church. I add my testimony to theirs. The church has been restored. Like that facebook post from the random guy. You never know the positive effect you can have. A small positive post of a testimony or experience can change the life of another. 

Have a rockin week!

Elder Witt

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 20 - Romerike

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for your love and support! 

It was a great week here in Romerike. The weather is warming up and we are getting excited for "spring" but you never know with the weather in Norway. I was thinking the other day how grateful I am for the different seasons of the year.  It adds variety.

Last monday, we had a lesson with -- and -- and it was awesome! We talked about prayer and watched the restoration video. Last time we met with them we invited them to church and they were hesitant and told us they were active in their congregation and so we went into this lesson not with that focus but then in the middle of the lesson, --, said that they were thinking and want to come to church in the next couple weeks. Also, -- finished 1st Nephi and told us he would be done with 2nd Nephi before we come next week. They are a great family and it was exciting to see them progress.

We also had some great visits with some members this week. Bishop had us over for dinner and we took with us fresh book of mormons and all wrote our testimonies in them so we can hand them out in the next couple weeks. We are also working with a less active member/new convert, and had a great meeting. He made the point that it can be easy to recognize the "correct choice/ right choice" when it is between something bad and good, but often we must choose between 2 things that aren't inherently bad but are good things. And in his situation, he works night shifts as a security guy and so he works often on sundays and then some sundays he doesn't work but then he has family and friends he likes visiting and so he has to travel on the weekends and doesn't make it to church. We are going to meet with him and his hometeacher this week. Really looking forward to that. 

We weren't able to meet with too many investigators this week. One canceled on us twice and another dropped us, and one is out of town. But we got some awesome potentials for this coming week. Last week I told you about a family we knocked into that knew about mormons. We went back yesterday and the mom answered this time. They just had a birthday party for one of the kids so they were busy but we talked to her and her daughter (who's birthday it was) for a while and it turns out that her daughter knows Primary songs! The mom told us she knew I am a child of god, and families can be together forever. We were both shocked that they would teach their kids primary songs when they aren't members. Anyway, they told us to please come back so we will try them this week. Way pumped about them!

This upcoming week we have mission leadership council in Oslo so that should be fun. They will be introducing the Easter initiative. The video this year is titled, "The Prince of Peace" Sounds epic. 

So this last week, I started in my journal, Elder Witt's positivity list. Every day I write down the good things that happen that day. I'm a big believer in the power of gratitude and a positive attitude. Trials, and challenges are a part of our mortal experience. Let us make the most of each experience by applying the principles of the gospel to make it a positive one. I know the church is true and that we are lead by a living prophet, President Monson.  Have a great week!

Elder Witt

Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 13 - Romerike

Hey everyone!

They posted moves this morning.  I'll be staying another transfer in Romerike with Elder Richardson. It will only be a 5 week transfer and then the next one will be 7 weeks. I'm excited to be here for a another one in Romerike. We are starting to see some progress in the area and It will be fun to keep getting to know the members better and work more with them.

Here are some highlights of the week!

On Monday, for P day we visited Kongsvinger with the sisters and the Recent Convert who lives out there. We visited the old church and fortress. It was cool to visit the site and visit another place where some of our ancestors are from. We also had FHE and a birthday party for Sister Bennett. 

On Tuesday night, we joined some ward members, mostly Young adults, at the church to play indebandy. It is floor hockey. Way fun and a popular sport in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden.

On Wednesday, We had our district meeting in Hamar. Usually the Hamar elders travel down to be with us but we are going to start going up there once a transfer. We also had a really really nice visit with a member family and had dinner with them. We shared 3 Nephi 17:21 which says, "And when he (Jesus) had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them." I love the idea presented and it teaches us a lot of Christ's ministry. He ministers to the multitude but also the individual at the same time. He feeds five thousand but teaches the woman at the well. His Kingdom is full of ones and is built one at a time. We can all follow the savior and help the one's in our life serve them. Then we had interviews with President. I love the Hills. They are dedicated and full of love! 

On Thursday, we had a lesson with --. She is doing awesome! It was a cool lesson and we were able to see all the progress she has made in the last 5 weeks. At first it was hard for her to accept the idea of prophets and now she is reading the book of mormon and accepted our soft invitation to be baptized. She said she would be baptized when she finds out it is true. Also on Thursday we visited Young mens, and talked about our missions. They were doing a mission prep activity.

On Friday, we had a cool experience. We were weekly planning and had a random thought to try back a woman that we gave a book of mormon at the beginning of the transfer. She lived nearby so we went and knocked on her house. Her husband answered and was way nice! They both like mormons a lot but are active christians in their own church. They have twins, and are a young norwegian family. They also have family prayer each night. Real solid, good and nice people. They told us they aren't looking to "change" but they asked if we could come back a different day. So that was cool.

On Saturday, we were on splits with the Oslo elders. I was with Elder Killpack, We got a call from the member in the woods who needed service so we went and helped him, and then visited --, the new convert in Kongsvinger. Elder Killpack was the one who baptized her so it was a happy reunion. We are currently going through the stories of Christ in the New testament with her. She is amazing and a great missionary. Her best friend, who lives in Arendal, was visiting and came to church with her.

On Sunday, it was testimony meeting and we had a good day in church. We taught primary to the 7 and 8 years and taught about baptism. It was pretty funny, They were so energetic and would not sit still. After church we knocked doors in Fjellhamar and an old man let us in. We had a nice visit with him but he isn't interested. 

My thought for the week is from a member who bore her testimony in church. She shared an experience she had this last week. She explained how recently she changed the way she prayed and start to ask something a long the lines of this. "I pray that I may have the courage and strength I need to be a good example and bless the lives of those around me and help them." It teaches a principle of agency. I know that we will be blessed with greater spiritual strength as we pray for the strength and courage to be agents and not objects and thus be instruments in the Hands of God to bless his children. 

I know the church is true! Hope you have a good week!