Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tønsberg, Norway - 21st Week in Norway

Hey Family! 

Thanks for all the love and support and thank you for all the birthday wishes. It's crazy that I've been out for already 6 months and that I'm turning 19. Exciting times. I'm glad that everything went well with the funeral services. Grandma was an amazing woman. I also loved the pictures with the extended family together. Looks like it was a neat experience to all be together.

It was a good week! On Tuesday, we had district meeting. We talked about life on earth and our purpose here. Many things are essential in God's plan for us and one of them is life on earth. While here on earth we will be tested. We will experience joy and we will experience sorrow. We will have trials that are meant for us to learn and grow. God knew that we couldn't do it alone so he provided us with a Savior. His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who could show us the way, who could lift us up, and lead us by the Hand back to our Father in Heaven. Our goal on earth is to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our lives so that we can make the most of everything in our life. The Gospel enhances and magnifies our lives when we live it, ultimately bringing greater joy and peace than anything the world can offer. I love the Plan of Salvation and believe in God's love for all his children. 
We also visited the ---. They have great faith and are a strong part of the Branch here in Tønsberg. That night we went street contacting and had our first day of the Language class we started. 1 man came! Haha, he is from Spain and we were able to help him with Norwegian and give him the Book of mormon in spanish and Norwegian. 

On Wednesday, we spent the day in Sandefjord. We had a couple trybacks but unfortunately, neither were interested. We went street contacting, and knocked on some doors. We also visited --- and taught her more Norwegian and visited --- and we ended the day getting some delicious kebobs at this restuarant called Balkans. 

Thursday was a day of the unexpected. An older man who lives in Larvik, who is a member, gave us a call and asked us if we could visit him. We droved down to Larvik and as were driving we felt that the tire just popped. We stop by a gas station and sure enough it is flat. We get out the spare tire and pull out the jack and start taking off the wheel but we can't get it to come off. It's time for our appointment so we put it back and give the wheel some more air. Luckily the man we were going to visit lived close by. This man has some health challenges and problems with the word of wisdom. He told us that just recently he started reading in the Book of Mormon again and he wants to make changes in his life. He finds comfort in the scriptures and the book of mormon. We gave him a blessing and we helped him buy some Mormon Tabernacle choir CDs and re subscribe him to getting the Liahona magazines. He is a sincere man. After that we went to a gas station and asked where the nearest Car shop is and they said there was one down the street. We fill up the wheel again and drive to the shop. We got there about 4:27 and we see the sign that it closes at 4:30. We tell the workers and one of them goes out and tries to get off the wheel but they can't. They were really kind and took our car in their garage and were able to get off the wheel with special tools and put the spare on for us. After that we drove back to Tønsberg. We needed to drop off something to a member and as we pulled into her drive way, the engine light goes on, the service light goes on and just about every light you don't want to go on in a car went on. We have a language class at 6 that we need to go to, so the member kindly drives us back to the church. We get there and we have one more new student. She is from Taiwan. After the class we arranged a tow to pick up our car and take it to the dealership the next day.Unfortanetely, the dealership coudn't begin working on it until today. so Currently, our car is in the shop and we will see what is the problem. So the last several days we have been trying to figure out the bus system.

On Friday, I had a drivng practice in the morning. We spent the rest of the day based at the church going out contacting and working in our area book.

On Saturday, our friend --- came over and we watched Finding Faith in Christ with him. After that we got a call from --- and they needed us to come over and help them. it was good to be with --- and --- because it had been a while since we could get in contact with them. We finished the day with some weekly planning.

On Sunday, it was testimony meeting. I always love testimony meeting and hearing the testimony of the Members here in Norway. A lot of the members in Tøsnberg are converts. A member gave us a ride down to sandefjord because we were invited to dinner with --- for her birthday. We also visited Lisbeth and gave her the Sacrament. We had our own mini testimony meeting and it was good to be there. We were able to take the bus back to tønsberg. 

It was an exciting week. My message this week is from President Uchtdorf's message in the Liahona. It is "Landing Safely in Turbulence." He says, Just as an experienced pilot keeps his focus not on the storm but on the center of the runway and the correct touchdown point, so too should we keep our focus on the center of our faith—our Savior, His gospel, and the plan of our Heavenly Father—and on our ultimate goal—to return safely to our heavenly destination. We should trust God and make staying on the track of discipleship the focus of our efforts. We should keep our eyes, heart, and mind focused on living the way we know we should.The more we obsess about our difficulties, our struggles, our doubts, and our fears, the more difficult things can become. But the more we focus on our final heavenly destination and on the joys of following the disciple’s path—loving God, serving our neighbor—the more likely we are to successfully navigate through times of trouble and turbulence.

His message really stood out to me. Let us keep our focus on the good and turn outward in love. As we do that during the hard times, we will be able to successfully navigate through times of trouble and turbulence.

Love you all so much!!! 

Elder Witt

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