Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fredrikstad, Norway - Third Week in Norway

Hey Family,

General Conference was amazing!! I absolutely loved it. I was able to watch all of the sessions in English which made me really happy. I know President Monson is a prophet and called of God to lead us these later days. 

So this last week was great!! 

On tuesday, Elder Nelson and I went to the city, Sarpsborg to apply for my fødsel number, which is some kind of identification number for people living in Norway. While we were waiting for the bus a man walks up to us and offers us coffee. We kindly refuse and we ask him if he has heard about our church before. He was going to the same place as we were because he is moving. We ended up talking with him the whole bus ride there, waiting for the bus ride home and the whole bus ride home. So almost 2 hours of talking with him. We were able to teach him a lot and he was really interested in our church having a living prophet. This was perfect because conference was this upcoming weekend. We invited him to come with us to conference but he lives in Halden and buses don't run between fredrikstad and halden on saturday and sunday. We gave him a mormon.org card and wrote on the back lds.org, general conference, and president monson. He was really interested and I hope he was able to watch some. It was a great experience!

On wednesday, we went as all 4 of us elders to Beatrice's house to do some service. Beatrice is a recent convert. We help clean her house because she is moving to her Dad's place. After that we went to the Bishop's house for dinner. There were a ton of kids there from the ward and it was fun. After that we went with the two sister missionaries in Sarpsborg to give a less active member a blessing. It was a nice experience. The person speaks english as her main language so I was able to give the blessing in English. I could feel Heavenly Father's love for her and it was amazing. Heavenly Father loves all His children. We can feel His love when we pray and when we follow the Commandments. The commandments are a manifestation of His love for us. They are there to protect us and help us feel happy.

On Thursday, We had district meeting. I love district meeting so much! Our district is the best. We have 8 missionaries, consisting of 4 elders and 4 sisters. The sister missionaries are amazing examples. They work so hard and are way friendly and nice. For District meeting we discussed the Atonement. President and Sister Hill came down and visited us for district meeting. It was awesome to have them with us. I love President and Sister Hill. They are so full of love and kind. President Hill made a comment in our discussion that stood out to me. He explained how in Preach My Gospel it says the Atonement will make every unfair about this life thing right. When thinking of everyone one on this earth that is a huge thing. But it is true. The Atonement is so large but yet so personal. Christ really did experience every thing we would every experience. He knows us and loves us. That way he can best lift us, comfort us, strengthen us, and ultimately judge us. We must come unto him and use the Atonement to help us be better each day. After District meeting, Elder Nelson and I taught Kathrin!!! We were able to set up an appointment with her so she is now our first investigator and is really positive. She works 3 jobs so that is why she is so hard to get a hold of and so busy. She has a lot of faith, so I pray that Elder Nelson and I can help guide her and direct her faith so she can ultimately receive the fulness of the gospel and be led to truth. I loved Elder Christoffersens talk because it is so applicable. The Church organization is so important to the Father's plan. Our meeting with her went really well and we are going to try meet with her again this next week. 

On Friday, we went to Sweden! We had a dinner appointment with the Isaksen family and they are the family in the Ward that live in Sweden. The drive to sweden is about an hour and is absolutely gorgeous. The border is this massive fjord or river. I not sure which. They made us the most delicious meal I've had yet. It was their last barbeque of the season, and they had grilled steak, pork, corn, and salmon! The salmon was insanely good! I was talking with Brother isaksen and he said he just threw together a glaze to go on. It was honey and ginger I think. But it was way good, tender and fresh fish. Brother Isaksen is in the bisopbric and is the nicest man. They have 3 little kids. All boys. And they are the cutest! They are all blond and blue eyes, total scandanavia. After we visited them we went to this candy store which was so big. We stopped by the mall because goods are much cheaper in sweden than norway.

On saturday, I went on Splits with Elder Tennant to a meeting with the ward mission leader because Elder Phipps was feeling sick. After that we ended up doing service for the Olsen Family in the ward. It was nice to do service. Then We watched conference at 6, the saturday morning session. It was weird watching the morning session when it dark outside but it's all good! The sun is going down earlier and earlier each day. It starts setting around7:30. Pretty soon it will be winter and the sun will only come up for a couple hours, haha can't wait.

On Sunday, We watched priesthood session at 11, saturday afternoon at 2, and sunday morning at 6. We spent our day at the church with the members who were there and we had a ward dinner with them too. I loved conference and I encourage all of you to watch it again and review the talks. Before my mission starting the summer before senior year, I would listen to conference as I mowed the lawn and it made such a big impact on my life. I was able to remember the counsel and the words of the prophets more often and it was so important because they are the words of the lord. He speaks through his servants and General Conference.

Today, We came to the church, made breakfast and watched The sunday Afternoon Session. After that, we went on a short hike to a tower which had a an amazing view of the countryside. 

Thoughts on Conference: President Monson's words sunday morning were really powerful. I liked how he compared the scripture of being an example of the believers with the scripture of letting our lights shine and glorify our father in Heaven. We let our light shine by being example in word, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, and purity. I found his words very applicable to me and my missionary service. Each of those things are areas where we all can improve in. This upcoming week, I really going to try to focus on strengthening those around me and being more charitable. This could be saying more kind words, smiling more, sharing more, and giving more simple unknown acts of service. President Monson Gave a powerful testimony. 

I wish I had the time to go through all the talks, but I don't. I hope you all have a great week!! Thanks for being examples and lights in my life. I pray for you daily and hope all is well. Remember that each day is a day we can improve a little. Come closer to Christ. Continuing conversion comes by constantly being true to our faith. Conversion to Christ is our goal.

Love you!!!!!! 
Elder Witt

On a hike with the companion 

Candy Store in Sweden!

Watching General Conference 

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