Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tønsberg, Norway - 10th Week in Norway

Hey family! I hope you all had a great week!

This last week was really good. 

On Tuesday, we went street contacting during the day. Recently, The mission leaders have introduced a new key indicator, (numbers we record each week that help us set goals and improve), it is gospel conversations. These are basic conversations where we teach a principle, testify, and extend a commitment. It has been reallly helpful because it encourages us to always be aware of unplanned opportunities to share the gospel. We can have basic gospel conversations with people that can grow to lessons, then to new investigators and so on.  After contacting, we drove to Sandefjord and visited the ---- Family. They are awesome. We read 2nd Nephi 32 with them. That night we dropped off Elder Orr at the train station again because he was leaving on companion exchanges in Sandvika.

On Wednesday, Elder Mckell and I spent most of our day finding. We were able to teach a lesson to this oldman out in the city and invite him to church and we had many other great teaching opportunities. It was a wonderful day! I love working with Elder Mckell and Elder Orr.

On Thursday, we went to ----'s house for lunch again. They live far out in the countryside on a beautiful field. They made us delicious lasagna and he showed us some magic tricks. He is soooo good. He does a lot of close card tricks. We read together Lehi's dream and talked about the different groups traveling towards the tree of life. The ones who continually held fast to the iron rod made it to the tree and partook of the fruit. They were filled with joy. It is so crucial that we continually hold fast to the rod or the word of God. After that we drove to the ---'s and had dinner with them. They are so great.

On Friday, we had zone conference in Oslo! We drove to the church in Oslo. It is about a hour and a half drive from Tønsberg. I love snow-covered Norway. In vestfold, there are rolling hills with farms and forests. It is beautiful. Zone conference was amazing! My zone, the Telemark zone, was combined with the østfold zone, (my last zone. Fredrikstad was in it.) I was able to see Elder Nelson adn Elder Tennant again. I have exciting news! ---- , who Elder Nelson and I were working with in Fredrikstad is getting baptized next month! It was great to talk to them. President Hill gave powerful and wise instruction on what it means to be a succesful missionary. He summed it up in 3 characteristic. 1) Unity with your companion, your district, and the Lord. 2) work, work work! and 3) Obedience. I love President and Sister Hill they are so full of love and goodness.

On Saturday, we had another day full of service. We went and helped --- finish moving all his wood into the basement for the winter. Then we went to help the Branch President clean the church. After that we went back to ---'s to finish moving wood. Then we went to a single sister who has some health challenges and continued cleaning her kitchen  again.. After that we went to a single sister in the branch for dinner. She is super nice and always gives us lots of chocolate to take home after church. She made us a delicious traditional Norwegian dish. Potatoes, vegetables, and meat in a gravy. 

On Sunday, it was branch conference so the Stake Presidency from the Drammen Stake came and spoke. There are two stakes in Norway. The drammen stake which covers west Norway and the Oslo stake which covers east Norway. After that we went and delivered the sacrament to our friend who we have been doing some service for her. She is the sweetest. We also cooked her dinner because she was feeling really crummy. After that we went back and had our own dinner and did weekly planning. We have a lot of good things planned this week and I'm really excited. Later today we have a lesson with one of our new investigators. I hope it goes well.

Also, happy thanksgiving everyone. I'm sure grateful for all of you and the support you give me. I wouldn't be where I am today without your examples, love and guidance. 

Recently I finished the Book of Mormon. Everytime I read it it strengthens me and my witness of it grows. Joseph Smith is right when he says it is the most correct of any book and that a man may get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book. I feel in my heart and all my soul that it is true and I can't deny it. It is the word of God and we must always hold continually fast to it. 

Have a great week!!

Love Elder Witt

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