Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tønsberg, Norway - 16th Week in Norway

January 4, 2016

Hey Family! Thanks for all the love and support. Sure love you all and are grateful for you! 

It was a good week! The missionary work was a little slow during the hollidays but it is picking up already. I love serving here in Tønsberg. The work has so much potential and we are finally starting to see some of it come to pass. 

On Tuesday, we had district meeting. We talked about teaching the restoration of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. It is one of the points in the first lesson. I love the story of Joseph Smith. The words he uses to describe his experience in the Sacred grove are powerful. Joseph Smith is an example to all of us of humbly seeking answers through prayer. Prayer is so special to me. It is an opportunity where I can express all my thoughts and feelings and desires to the Lord and feel his love. After that we went street contacting and visited an older member couple. That night we drove to Drammen for companion exchanges. 

On Wednesday, Elder Stephens and I were with Elder Hadley. He is a new missionary this transfer. He is really smart in the Language. We spent the day finding and trying potential investigators. We had some success and found a lady who was interested in meeting to learn more. It was a good day. 

On Thursday, New Years eve, we are back in Tønsberg. We spent the day deep cleaning our apartment. It is looking so nice. We cleaned both bathrooms and our kitchen really well. Because the Holidays can be a difficult time to find people to teach we were encouraged to spend time cleaning the apartment, doing service, or visiting members. Later in the afternoon we went over to ---'s house for new years eve. She invited us and also --- and her two daughters for the evening. We had tacos for dinner and other good food. We played some games together. It was fun.We were allowed to stay up until midnight . At around 11:45 we drove to the Bay in Sandefjord to watch the Fireworks. Here in Norway, New Years is all about fireworks. Fireworks are illegal year round exept for a few hours on New Years. So at 11:50 to 12:10 everyone is shooting off fireworks and it is crazy! We says a ton of fireworks and it was really fun.

On Friday, we continued deep cleaning our apartment, and went over to --- and --- later. --- made us traditional Brazilian cheese bread. They have it at Tucanos. We shared with them the New Years mormon message. It talks a little bit about the story of Lot's wife. It is a great lesson to learn. We need to look forward and keep our focus on good things to come. Through the Atonement of Christ and Repentance, we can overcome past mistakes and be filled with peace and strength.

On Saturday, we visited --- and ---. It was great! We taught them the beginning of the First lesson. He showed us some more magic tricks which were incredible! After that we drove to Sandefjord to visit the --- but they were busy, so we did some street contacting and tried some potential investigators. 

Sunday was a great day!! Church attendance was the highest it has been since I've been here. --- came with his parents who are visiting from Portugal. His wife who is not a member stayed at home with their 3 week old baby but she will start coming soon. Testimony meeting was great and the spirit was there. That evening we visited the --- and I was able to give Brother --- a blessing because he was going to the doctors the next day. It was my first full one in Norwegian which was neat.

So we had a good week and I'm excited for the many opportunities and experiences that will come. Many of our investigators will be able to start meeting again.

Thanks for all the love and support. I know the church is true. I know Jesus is the Christ and that He is our savior and Redeemer. He lives. God is our loving Father in Heaven. He is real. I know these things are true with all my heart.

Love you forever!

Elder Witt

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