Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tønsberg, Norway - 19th Week in Norway

Hey family! 

It was the start of another transfer here in Tønsberg. Elder Orr left to Drammen and we got a new companion elder Johnson. He is from Pleasant Grove and has been out on his mission for about a year. 

We had a good week here in Tønsberg. 

On Tuesday, we went out and set up fliers for a Norwegian Class we are going to teach. It starts Tuesday, February 2 and will be every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks. It is a way to introduce people to our church by doing service and sharing spiritual thoughts. It has had a lot of success around the mission so I'm excited to get it going! We also stopped by --- and --- so Elder Orr could say goodbye. They are doing better. That night the branch had a farewell party for Elder Orr. We had pizza and had a jolly time together! Elder Orr had been in Tønsberg for 4 and a half months so he did a lot of good. 

Wednesday was transfers day. We dropped off Elder Orr at the train and picked up Elder Johnson. We went street contacting and set up some more fliers for the class! That evening we had a World Wide Missionary Broadcast from the Missionary Leadership of the Church. It was wonderful and so inspiring! The focus of the Broadcast was Teach Repentance and Baptize converts focusing on the Missionary Purpose. It started off with a Talk from Elder Anderson. One thing I loved that he said was, if you are ever unsure of what to say, testify of Jesus Christ. We are called to testify of Jesus Christ. Then there was instruction from Elder Bednar. He was with about 10 missionaries and having a discussion with them. Our job is to be worthy vessels that can carry the Holy Ghost unto the Hearts of the Children of men. and then to help those we teach identify the Holy ghost and how it works with them. Solid discussion. We also received instruction from Elder Waddell, Sister Oscarson, Elder Clayton, and lastly Elder Oaks. He concluded everything with a great talk. 

Thursday, we had district meeting. The Skien area closed, so there are no more sisters in our District. It was just the elders in Porsgrunn and us in Tønsberg. District meeting was great. We talked about the Premortal life and God's purpose for us. We had time to go ponder over our Patriarchal blessings. It is so important that we remember who we are and who we can become. Remember that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. His only interest is for us to succeed and come back to him. We need to trust in His plan for us. It is going to have challenges but it will also work out for the best if we seek him in our life.

Friday, we visited the --- and studied Alma 42 with them. We had a great discussion about the Atonement and the Law of Justice and Mercy. It is up to us how much mercy  and peace we obtain. It requires that we humble ourselves, admit our wrong doings, and have a change of heart. and fully repent. Repentance brings the Peace of Heaven and the joy from the Atonement. We also visited Guilherme and Justine. They are so awesome. I just love visiting them. We ended the day tracting in a neighborhood out by his house. 

Saturday, we spent the day in Sandefjord. We taught --- Norwegian, visited the --- Family, and tried visiting --- from Iceland, and ended visiting ---. It had been a long time since we have been able to visit the Porters. It was great to be there. We read Alma 37:37 together and commited them to prayer. --- unfortunately was asleep and we weren't able to visit him. We tracked around --- house and got some trybacks which was good. Our visit with --- was really nice. She has so much faith and trust in the Lord. She has had health challenges her whole life and always presses on. 

On Sunday, we went to Church! wooh! I gave another talk and this time it was about my way to Church. I shared some experiences that I have had in my life that have strengthened my testimony. It went well. I also played piano in Sacrament meeting because our organist was gone. It was a little rough, should have done some more practicing when I was young :) ------ and --- made it to Church which was great! Also, --- came. Unfortunately, their new baby was sick so --- couldn't make it. 

Anyone, thanks for all your love and support! I love being a missionary. I love having the opportunity to study the scriptures and words of our living prophets every day. My testimony and conviction has grown immensely. I know and Testify that God is our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ is God's son. He is our Savior and Redeemer. 

Love you all! Have a fabulous week!

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