Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 29th Week in Norway

Monday, April 4, 2015

Hey everyone! 

Thanks for all your love and support. I'm grateful that we had general conference this last weekend. It was uplifting and inspiring. I know that President Monson is a prophet of God. The words that were spoken to us come from God. They are meant for us today and will help us if we apply what we learned and felt. 

It was a great week here in Tromsø. We were able to experience many little miracles. I'm grateful to be a missionary! Just an update, unfortunately we were not able to meet with --- this last week. He told us he was super busy. We did gratefully, run into him on the street and were able to set up an appointment this upcoming week so keep him in your prayers! However this week we were able ot meet some really cool people.

On Tuesday, we spent the day contacting on the street. Sadly, our friend --- who invited us to do the devotional, she canceled our appointment and dropped us. It was a bit disappointing. Also, while we were out we met this guy named ---, who is an older norwegian man, and we invited him to come to conference this weekend and he did! It was exciting.

On Wednesday, we had many little miracles. , We were out street contacting and I saw this guy named ---. I met him on the bus several weeks ago. As I started talkig to him he asked me if we had time to meet now. While I was talking to ---, my compannion contacted a man named --- who was searching for a faith. Anyway, we ended up to the church and teaching both --- and --- right then. After that we continued our street contacting. We weren't having a ton of success and were receiving a lot of rejection so we began to feel like maybe we needed to try doing something else. I asked my companion if we should go banking. We went to the church and said a prayer asking Heavenly Father if we should go banking and where. As we prayed, my companion said all he could think about was this potential we had met about 4 weeks ago while banking. We both felt good about it and got on the bus to this woman's house. Here is just a little back story. Her name is ---, and we met her my first weekend in tromsø. When we banked on her door she was really open and friendly, but we were just never able to get a hold of her since then. Anyway, we get to her house and knock on the door and no one is there. We are waiting out the house, when suddenly, --- comes out the door of a different house to take a smoke. We see her and she calls us over. It turned out that we had written down the wrong house number for her. So for the last several weeks we had been trying back on the wrong house. So she calls us over and we go and talk to her. It turns out that she had read in the book of mormon and done some research about our beliefs. We were able to set up and appointment with her. It was the neatest experience that I'm grateful to be apart of. Every thing fit together perfectly, our traveling, our waiting and she going outside her house. I know that Heavenly Father's hand was apart of it. We were suppose to be there at that time. 

On Thursday, we went contacting and then to the driving school because Elder Osguthorpe had a practice test. He is trying to get his license now. After that we taught ---. The guy we met yesterday. Then we did weekly planning! Unfortunately ---, texted us later in the week and dropped us. 

On Friday, we had zone leader training in Trondheim. We woke up at 4:45 AM, took a bus to the airport and flew to trondheim. It was a really good meeting. It focused on the process of turning a baptismal date into a baptism. After that we flew home to Tromsø. It was a good day.

On Saturday,  we had our norwegian class again with LIll. She is a member here who teaches us norwegian every saturday. It is really helpful. Then we met with --- and then --- who are both members here. We had a dinner party here at the church before conference started. We watched saturday's morning session at 6 pm live.

On Sunday, we had more conference. We watched the priesthood session, then saturday afternoon, and then sunday morning. We watched conference at the church with all the missionaries, the sisters and the olsens and then whichever members that came. As I said earlier, --- came to conference. It was a total surprise. He was someone random off the street that we invited. He said he had been to our church before many years ago so we are going to visit him this upcoming week. 

My thought for the week comes from Elder Hallstrom's talk. Do we really believe what we know? As he shared his story of being in Liberia with the members there, the spirit testified to me strongly of the words he was saying. I know and believe that we are all Children of God. There is a lot of power in knowing our divine nature. I know that God loves us and will provide for us. Let us turn to him in sincere prayer. 

I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder witt

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