Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 30th Week in Norway

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. I'm Grateful for Your love and support.

This week is transfer week. Elder Osguthorpe and I are staying together for another transfer in Tromsø. I'm really excited for this opportunity to continue working With him. I love the Tromsø area. The branch is small but has a big heart.

It was another good week. We were able to meet With ---, and meet some more awesome prepared People!

On Tuesday, we met With ---. It had been a week or so since we met With him last so we were worried about his progress but it ended up going super well. He continues to read in the Book of Mormon and pray but feels like he hasn't gotten an answer yet. So we focused Our lesson on helping him get his answer.  We watched Elder Bednar's patterns of light videos on receiving revelation. It was really powerful. We created a baptismal calendar With him, setting up regular teaching appointments and changed his baptismal date to May 21 because we feel he needs more time. He hasn't been to church yet and that is our goal for him. --- is really awesome, and it has been so neat watching his faith grow. From someone not really believing in God to recognizing the spirit. The Gospel is real and true. That's all I can say. 

On Wednesday, we continued With Our finding. We decided to try this potential we have and her name is ---. She is from the phillipines and just recently married a man from Africa. She believes in Christ and has a lot of faith but just feels like something is missing. We shared With her the Book of Mormon and she is willing to give it a try. She is open to Our Message and so hopefully we are going to visit her and her husband some day this week. That night the --- had us over for dinner. It was super good. They are the senior couple here in Tromsø and are a huge support to the Branch.

On Thursday, we continued With Our finding. We went street contacting and everyone was stopping. it was great fun! We visited ---, the older Norwegian man that came to Conference last week. He gave us his address and said we could come over. We taught him the Restoration. He is realy Nice old man. He also  came to Church yesterday and said he was coming next week too. We will be visiting him again this week on Thursday. While on the street I talked to this Atheist. And I say I because, we often go solo contacting by each other so we can talk to as many People as possible. It was one of the most neat experiences I've had. He told me many problems and concerns he has with faith, religion, and God and Things and the Whole time, I could feel the Holy Ghost bringing Things to my mind., answering his questions and concerns. It was one of the most pleasant conversations and he asked if we could meet again. He is going out of town for 2 weeks but said to Call him when he gets back. I'm really excited to meet With him again. We also taught --- and her friend. She is a potential that we found. She studies that bible and ahs a strong belief. We taught them the restoration and it went pretty well. --- is open to our Message but her friend is not super open.

On Friday, we went street planning and we did some weekly planning. Later we met With ---. who is a member here. He is super cool. We watched Conference With him and then we worked out a deal With him . He has a lot of faith but just doesn't make it to Church. He is going to come to Church and we are going to work out With him once a week at the gym. He is from Africa and super ripped. We're trying to figure out any way we can get him to Church because he would be a huge support if he was active.

On Saturday, we had Norwegian class With --- again. It is great. Then the --- took us out for pizza to celebrate him passing his driving test. Then we went contacting until we met With --- and her friend again. It was an interesting lesson. We talked about the plan of salvation. --- is really open and was interested in hearing Our Conversion stories and testimonies while her friend wanted to Bible bash. We told them how we refused to bash but were just here to invite them to read the Book of Mormon and find out if what we say is true. and while her friend was getting a little heated, --- just turns to her and says, "all they want us to do is read the book of Mormon and pray about it so we can know if it is true" It silenced her friend and Elder Osguthorpe and I just look and each other and smiled. Our investigator just taught the other one.

On Sunday, we had moves Call and found out that we are staying together for another transfer. I'm really looking forward to the New transfer. It will be good. Church was really powerful. It was fast and testimony Meeting and many powerful testimonies were borne. Our good friend --- came to Church and it was the Perfect Meeting. I hope he can start coming again.

I hope you all have a great week. I know the Church is true. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Through him Jesus Christ restored his Church on the Earth. The Book of Mormon is true and is evidence of the restoration of the Gospel.

I love you all!

Elder Witt

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