Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 6 & June 13, 2016

June 6, 2016

Hey Family!

Thanks for all your love and support! We had a great week! It definitely had its ups and Downs but we experienced many special moments. Also the sun doesn't set anymore. It is light 24/7. It is weird but it is cool. It rained a lot this last week and snowed in the Mountains. June in Tromsø :)

First is that --- and ---, the family we are teaching, accepted the invitation to be baptized! There baptism will be August 20. It is truly a tender mercy from the Lord. At the beginning of Our lesson With them we asked them about Church and they said it was "special", and that they loved it. When we asked them about the Book of Mormon, they said, "after we finished Reading the Chapter you assigned us, we wanted more" It is interesting how the spirit Works when we have an open and sincere heart. Like them, often when I feel the spirit, find something New in my gospel study, I get really excited. I just want to tell someone and share it with someone.  The gospel is exciting. There is always something new to be learned, something new to be Applied, and a fountain of lasting love, strength, and Peace to be found.  I'm truly grateful for this opportunity I have to be working With this great family. 

Second, the members in Tromsø are fantastic! --- had us over for dinner. She is a huge help when it comes to Learning Norwegian. She is Our personal tutor. We were able to help --- this week move. He is just moving to another Apartment in the city. --- --- received the Melchezedik priesthood last week which was exciting. One of the members who Works at the grocery store gave us a bunch of Food for free. Anyway I could go on for a long time about the members. They are great.

Our big focus now is just finding New investigators. We spent a lot of time on the streets and knocking on doors and got several potentials and a couple appointments this week so lets just hope for the best.

Working With Elder Braunberger has been great. He is ready and willing to work and learn. He is really talented musically.  We're having a good time.

My thought for the week comes from a mormon Message video "Mountains to Climb". We visited a member sunday night to share the sacrament and the sisters shared this video as their spiritual thought. It really touched me. We all have Our own Mountains to Climb in life. Moments of opposition, Challenges, and doubts that can be really hard but they can also me the times of Our greatest Growth. I heard a quote recently that I really like. "When you're going through hard times and you wondering where is God, just remember; the teacher is always quiet during a test." The teacher however is present in the room, watching over you. I know that as we look for the positive, choose to be happy, and choose to be Grateful that Things will go better!

Have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Witt

June 13, 2016

Hey family!

Thanks for your love and support. I'm sure grateful for all of you. It was another good week in Tromsø. I pulled out my winter coat for the first time in a while. I guess this last week we had strong winds from the north and so the weather was cold and rainy. Other than that We're having fun and making the most of it!

On Tuesday, we met with --- and --- again. They are amazing. We watched the Joseph Smith, prophet of the restoration movie. It went really well, they made the connection that Joseph's life was similar to the Saviors. They told us that the Book of Mormon to them is not like any other book. It carries a power with it. It is amazing to just watch the spirit work in their lives. We also met with --- and ---. We decided to have --- come on the teach with us and it turned out well. It's always good to have a member there who can share personal experiences and testimonies. We are worried that --- and --- view our meetings as more of a sharing of beliefs and views with each other. It helped us uncover some concerns. Next time we meet with them we're going to try to help them understand the basics of our message and our purpose as missionaries and set some expectations.

On Wednesday, we had a day of finding. We went street contacting and Banking. While banking, we tried pack some potentials and didn't have any success so we stopped and said a prayer. We didn't know what we should be doing. After the prayer we both kept thinking that we need to keep knocking on doors. So we kept going and came to a fork in the road. We stopped said a prayer and felt we should go to the right. We said to ourselves that we would keep going until we gave away a book of mormon. Lo and behold on our second house we knocked into this college student. She was really friendly and hadn't heard much about the church. She accepted the book and got her cell number. It was a neat experience to end the day. 

On Thursday, we went to the police station to check Elder Braunberger into the country. After that we went street contacting. While we were out the city was having this big festival so we got some free food and ran into some of the members there. Then we met with --- and after that had skype interviews with the mission president!

On Friday, we started the day with some good old contacting! There was this super friendly woman from southern Norway that was just on a trip, but it was neat talking to her. She had heard about mormons before but only the usual stereotypes. We were able to clear some things up and introduce her to the book of mormon. After that, we went to ---'s and helped him and his brother move some more stuff, then we skyped with ---. 

On Saturday, we had Norwegian with --- again. It's seriously the best. She has helped me understand so much. We went and helped --- finish moving everything. After that we went contacting. We decided this time that we were going to focus on family history. I grabbed my genealogy fan chart to show to people. It was fun. We were able to talk to several people interested in genealogy work. We're trying to mix up our finding techniques and see what we can do!

On Sunday, I gave a talk. I based my talk on the plan of salvation and faith. When we understand our divine nature as Sons and daughters of God along with Gods purpose, which is our success, progress and happiness, it is easier to have faith and show faith when times are tough. We were able to visit with --- and also share the sacrament with ---.

So life is good and I couldn't be happier. I'm confident things will only get better. I know the church is true. The truth has been restored. God continues to give us his word through prophets today. as we follow the prophet we will be lead down the right path. 

Have a fabulous week! 

Elder Witt

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