Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 - Tromsø, Norway

Hey Everyone!

Sure love you all and am grateful for you. This past week was a busy one and challenging one for me personally but it also taught me the reality of God's hand in our lives. I started the week mentally and physically tired. But as the week went on I was able to see tender mercies in my life and felt God's love and awareness for me.

One tender mercy happened on Wednesday. The Zone leaders flew into Tromsø for the day because the next day we were going to have training in Tromsø for the missionaries in northern Norway. Being with the zone leaders was a blast. I was with Elder Abril and we went contacting, ate at the -- shop and also visited --. While out and this time I was with my companion, we met a young woman from Denmark. She turned out to know a little about Mormons and was very complimentary about us. We had a great conversation and were able to share some scriptures. It was a tender mercy. as we said goodbye and walked away you could feel the spirit. There was a feeling of just awesomeness! Even though she was not interested in investigating our message we were able to help answer some questions and know that she left with a better understanding of us as a church and people.

On Thursday, we had the zone conference. The missionaries from Bodø, Narvik, and Alta came. It was on the spirit in missionary work and just what I needed for the week! I was able to see an elder that I shared an apartment with in Fredrikstad for the first time in a long while. It was great to be with all the other missionaries. The Olsens as always made a delicious lunch for us to have. 

On Friday, we did much preparation for a stop smoking lesson with --. It has 15 steps that if you follow exactly guarantee that you will quit smoking in 7 days. It is way cool. We are going to teach it later tonight. Also on Friday we met with -- and --. It went really well! They admitted that they believe the story of Joseph Smith. We're making progress!

On Saturday, we had our usual Norwegian class with --. She has helped me so much with my Norwegian. She is also the nicest person ever. So grateful for the members here in Tromsø! We also went contacting, and had dinner at --.

On Sunday, Elder Braunberger and I taught Sunday school. It was from the teachings of President Howard W. Hunter. We were able to experience another tender mercy. We were banking and had a lesson with the first door that answered! It was a woman and she took a Book of Mormon and said she would start reading. It was another uplifting experience, where you can know that God is aware of you and places people in your path to bless you. 

Those were some of the highlights of the week in a nut shell. We weren't able to meet with -- and -- because they were both out of town. 

My spiritual thought for the week is about God's plan for us. I know that he loves us and is aware of us in our lives. As we look for the good in life, we will surely find it. "seek and ye shall find" It goes the same for the bad. Keeping a positive attitude will help us focus on the good and we will be able to see the Lord's hand in our lives. Life was meant to have struggles but they are for our learning and they are an opportunity to apply the gospel. Every trial we have gives us an opportunity to work for and develop a Christ like attribute. Isn't that the goal? The goal is to become like him, to change our hearts, desires and natures to be like the savior. Let us use every opportunity we are given to become something better. I know that as we do that we will have more meaning and purpose in our life and we will find greater satisfaction and joy. 

I love you all. I love Norway and I love missionary work.

Haev a great week!

Elder Witt

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