Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 21 - Romerike

Hey family. Happy thanksgiving! I'm grateful for all of you and love you all so much. Thanks for your continual support and  encouragement. 

So I don't have a ton of time this week. We are having a turkey bowl in Oslo with other missionaries in the zone and so we will be needing to a take a train here soon. (one awesomething about this area is that public transport is super cheap! We buy a monthly card and we have unlimited trains and busses around the oslo area so we get to take a lot of trains! )  
But it was a good week! Things are really picking up here.

We met with -- this week and she is doing pretty good. we taught word of wisdom and she has no problems with that. And we also talked about baptism and she wants to change the date and so we could be having a baptism on New Years eve! Unfortunately she didn't come to church. We had talked with her and she was planning on coming but she told us last minute she wasn't. But other than that she is a really good person and is progressing slowly but surely. 

On Wednesday, we had Mission leadership council. It was really fun to see Elder Osguthorpe again and the other missionaries. I love president and sister hill. They are amazing leaders. We talked about many different things, including our mission's culture, the mission's training plan, and also the new christmas initiative that starts this week. Many interesting ideas were brought up. We watched training from the new mission presidents training with Elder Andersen. 

One of the things president Hill is focusing on again is our call as missionaries to teach repentance and baptize. And with that finding. I've been thinking a lot about the importance of faith in the work we do. Whether that is church callings, service, daily life. Faith is so important. especially when finding in missionary work. We must trust that God is preparing his children and then have faith that as we work hard we will find those that are prepared and with that we should expect miracles as we trust the spirit. And this weekend we saw a TON of miracles. It was incredible. 

One in particular is a woman named --. I was with Elder MItchell on splits as we were in a town called Aurskog. Our focus was to find along the way. So talking with as many people as possible. And after we had tried back some formers and less actives in the area we were on our way to the bus stop and boom there is this woman. We talk with her and get an appointment for the next day. So the next day we meet with her and we brought a member with us on the teach and then she wants to come to church. So the member volunteered to drive her to church. It was perfect and we will be meeting with her again this week. 

I'm grateful for the savior and fr his love, example, and goodness. I'm grateful for his atonement. I know it is real.

Have a good thanksgiving. Love you!

Elder Witt

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