Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 26 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your love and support! It was an awesome week, but we don't have a ton of time, because we got some things we need to do, so I'll just give you the highlights.
On Tuesday, we had zone conference. It was an awesome day. They had all the missionaries going home at the end of the transfer bear their testimonies. It was so powerful!! It was special to participate and watch as a dozen other missionaries got up and shared how their missions and the gospel had changed their lives and blessed the lives of their families and themselves. I was reminded up Alma's words when he asked "is not this real?" We President and Sister Hill gave great presentations. Sister Hill on Joy and President Hill reviewed from our last mission Conference with Elder Herland.  The AP's gave us some good training on using the Book of Mormon in our finding.
On Thursday, we were heading out our apartment, when Elder Briggs couldn't find his wallet. We looked everyone but couldn't find it. We went to the bus stop and called the company and they said they had it at the lost and found.  They gave us the address where we could pick it up and it turned out to be right next to a street where we had knocked doors and had some potential investigators. We took the bus to the lost and found and got his wallet back and tried back the potentials in the area. 1 woman who we had tried 3 times already was home and we were able to teach her. She said how grateful she was we came back because she thought after 3 tries we would just give up haha. It was cool because we probably wouldn't have decided to go back to that area at that time if it wasn't for the lost wallet.
Also on thursday, we had an appointment cancel so instead the member who was with us wanted to go street contacting with us. It was so cool! he had no fear and we had some great success.
On Friday, we had a ward party where our investigator -- came. That was fun.
On Saturday, we had a lesson with -- and also had a good session knocking doors.
Sunday was also a good day. A former investigator came to church so that was good. Mihai didn't make it this week. we were a little bummed. He said he was going to visit his brother. After church we had dinner at the Robinsons and the Hills and also a member in the ward. They made "cafe rio" pork. :)

This week I had an experience that really meant a lot to me and helped re-energize and strengthen my faith. It was right after dinner on Sunday at the Robinisons. We walked out of the apartment and headed towards the main road, when I randomly looked to the left and and saw a man sitting on a bench. I immediately thought that we should talk to him but then began to rationalize why it would be okay to keep going. I recognized this thought process and realized that we had nothing to lose by talking to him but if we passed by him then we could be missing something really big. So we turned around and went and talked to him and it turned out to be a sweet experience! We gave him a book of mormon and have his number. It was perfect timing because his friend arrived so he had to leave. It was such a special experience and I'm grateful for God's love and awareness and the Holy Ghost.
So my encouragement this week is to trust those impressions and thoughts you have that lead you to do good and then act on them!
Love you all so much!
Elder Witt

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