Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17 - Sandvika - Last Email of Jake's Mission

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your love and support. This will be my last letter as I will be flying home on Thursday. Thank you for your prayers, for your examples and for your love! 
This last week was great! We didn't get in contact with any investigators, they are either  on vacation and don't come back before August or September or they blocked us on their phone, or they haven't been answering haha but it didn't stop us and we had some great opportunities to find new people. One happened on Thursday. We were on our way to the church for an appointment with a potential, but we never heard anything back from the potential. We were on the bus, and I was talking with a guy who was reading a music score so I asked him about it and he just loved to talk and talk so we miss the bus stop at the church. We stayed on the bus and got off at the next stop. It was right next to a pizza restaurant that we had given the worker a book of mormon. We had tried back at this pizza place several times before but she was never working. But this time she was! So we went and talked to her and she had several good questions. She said it was hard for her to read english so we ended up going back at getting her one in Lithuanian the same day. She is way awesome! It was another testimony to me of God's hand in our life. We hadn't even thought about trying the pizza place that day but things worked out that we ended up there and talked with her. And she even made us a free pizza haha so that was a bonus!
Our mission has also had a big focus this last transfer on the Book of Mormon and we have been trained and practiced in our finding using it and I have loved sharing the book of mormon with people. It is amazing all the different opportunities we have had to give them away and meet new people. 
Anyway we are short on time. But I would like to share just a few thoughts. I am so grateful for my mission and the experiences I have had. It has not been easy, in fact probably the most challenging thing of my life but I would not change it for anything. The Lord blesses us in so many ways. Often in ways that we don't recognize. I don't know where I would be if the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ never happened. I know with certainty that God lives, That Jesus is our Savior, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is evidence of all 3 of those truths. How grateful I am for the prophets in the Book of Mormon who pictured us as they wrote down their testimonies and experiences. I love Norway, Norwegian and the saints here. Gud vær med dem til vi sees igjen.
See you soon. :)
Elder Witt

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