Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 33rd Week in Norway

May 2, 2016

Hey Family!

I can't believe it is May already, time is flying by! I hope you all had a great week. Thanks for the love and support. The weather in Tromsø has been amazing! The sun has been out every day, and we've started wearing just Our white shirts and ties, no coats. Along witth that, the sun sets at about 11 pm and rises at about 3 am. We are almost to the midnight sun!

It was a good week. We were able to meet With --- again, not --- because she was out of town and then we were able to find some cool People.

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting . It focused on helping us become more dedicated missionaries. We read from two talks, "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary" and "Becoming a Consecrated missionary". Both very good and inspiring. It is important to remember that God has high expectations for us and that is because he knows us and Our potential. The amazing thing is that he gives us resources and guides to help us Reach Our potential. All of us aren't Perfect but we can always take steps forward, and that is what the Gospel can do for us. It gives meaning and when lived brings great happiness and Growth. After District Meeting we went street contacting and then visited ---.

Wednesday was a good day. We were both feeling pumped from districting Meeting and Our goal that we set was to be more "urgent" in the work. Such as get ready faster, get Out the door faster, talk With more People, and ect... It worked. We went street contacting and it just felt different. At the end of the day we talked about how we felt more satisfied and happy. We met With --- again. --- came on the teach again. Our goal was to really find out where --- is at. Slow Things Down and focus on him and his needs. It went great. --- reads in the book of mormon. We were able to found out more about why he doesn't come to Church, and he said he just really wants to take Things slow at a pace that is good for him. he takes a lot of time to think. After that we went banking and were able to give a book of mormon to this one girl. She lives in Mo i Rana and will be moving back in the summer so we gave her number to the missionaries there.

Thursday, we went contacting and were able to meet some cool People. We met ---, who is from Portugal, who is searching for the truth. We are Meeting With her on Wednesday. Then we also met ---. He is from Nigeria and just barely moved here to Norway.
Then we did some weekly planning.

On Friday,  We met With ---, who is member here from the Congo. Right after --- we had an appointment With ---, the man we met yesterday. It worked out really well. --- and --- hit it off good and ---'s testimony of his Conversion story was powerful.  --- came to Church on Sunday and we are Meeting With him again this week. After that we continued With Our contacting, and then did some Family history work.

On Saturday, we had Language class With --- again. Always a joy to be there. She helps Our Norwegian a lot. After that we went to the ---'s and helped Elder Olsen change his tires. Then we went contacting and met With ---, a member here, then we did some more contacting, until we needed to clean Our Apartment building. Every several months, the Elders have to clean Our little Apartment buildings stairs and entry way.

On Sunday, we had Church which was great. A member here started a little branch choir and I'm the accompianest which has been really fun. I have really grown to love the piano a lot more. After Church we visited ---, had a birthday dinner at the ---'s for sister ---, and visited --- and gave her the sacrament.

Today, we are flying to Trondheim tomorrow for Zone Conference. It should be a good Meeting.

My thought for the week comes from different experiences I've had this week. Elder Bednar says it best in the patterns of light mormon Messages. "I know when there is a Power Beyond my own." I feel the same way. There is a God in heaven. he is Our Heavenly Father. We are his children. He has a plan for us, and that plan is personal. Seek him and seek his will. I know that Christ's Church has been restored. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is true and is evidence of the restoration

Have a great week! Love,

Elder Witt

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