Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 - Tromsø, Norway

Hey Family!

Thanks for your love and support! Things are going great in Tromsø. I'm really enjoying serving with Elder Braunberger. He has a strong desire to do his best. We're both learning as we go and enjoying the journey. It was Elder Braunbergers birthday this week so the -- made us a chocolate pie and we celebrated. That was fun.  

It was a good week! I always love the beginning of a new transfer. It's a time to set goals and recommit to the work. I'm grateful I'm here in Tromsø. I love the members here, love the work and love the city. It is beautiful. To start it off we went through the area book and called a ton of potential investigators and we were able to meet with 2 of them this week! The first is --. I met him on the street maybe 3 months ago and this time when I called him he was interested! He remembered talking about a book that we were giving out and asked for one again. We met with him and got him a Book of Mormon. We were out on the street and Sunday and saw him and said he would meet again. I'll keep you updated. He is a really really nice man. The second is --. We met him my first transfer here and wasn't super positive but hey, we called him 4 months later and he was totally willing to meet. We taught him about the restoration and it was really neat. He was interested and wants to find out if the Book of Mormon is true. He also said we could meet again. We are excited to see where it goes. We are starting to find some more people and we are excited to continuing seeing some more progress. 

We we're able to meet with -- and -- this week. It was a really busy and crazy week for them and the -- family. The -- moved houses and also opened their shop in the city. Because of that we were able to spend a lot of time with the  -- and -- and -- this week helping them move. They are doing good! The -- new shop they just opened is a Fish and seafood shop. You can go there to buy fresh fish but also buy food to eat. It is awesome! 

We had a cool experience Sunday night. We were just coming home from visiting -- and we had planned to do 12 week (a study program for the first 12 weeks of a new missionary) and eat dinner but we just had this feeling that we should go on the street and talk to people. It was illogical at the time because it was later in the evening and raining so not many people were going to be in the city but we decided to go anyway. We are walking down the street and we stop a man. The first man we talked to was interested and we got an appointment with him this week! So we keep going and were able to talk to several more people. It was great! 

My spiritual thought for the week is about the Book of Mormon. The more and more I read the book of Mormon the more I am amazed by the stories and faith of the great prophets. I can picture Abinadi testify before King Noah and his priests. Captain Moroni raising the title of liberty and inspiring his people. Alma and the sons of Mosiah being visited by an angel and changing from the "vilest of sinners" to the greatest missionaries. I know that These stories are real. These people are real. The Gospel is real.  I love the book of Mormon. It testifies of Jesus Christ and his love. I know it is true!

Have a great week!

Elder Witt

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