Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Tromsø, Norway

Hey Family!

Thanks for Your love and support. I'm so Grateful for all of you. I'm Grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation and that families can be together for ever.

It was another good week in Tromsø. A lot of great Things are happening in the work. On Tuesday, we had District Meeting as usual. It was on Prayer and personal revelation. Oh how I'm Grateful for prayer. It is a blessing to be able to communicate With Our Father in Heaven. I know he loves us. After District Meeting, we had an open day of finding so we hit the streets! It was awesome. The sky was blue and the sun was out and the People were happy :) It was the first sunny day in a while because all we have had as of late is rain. We were able to talk to lots of different People. We met one guy whose name was -- and got an appointment With him for the next day.

On Wednesday, we decided to try Things a little different and knock on some doors first. We left in the morning, tried a potential and then went knocking. Almost no one was home. In the summer, it is not uncommon for families to leave on vacation for several weeks. They get a lot of vacation time for work. So after that we went back to the city and had lunch at the Pedersen's New Fish and Seafood store. It is awesome. They seem to be having good success and the Food is great. I got a salmon sandwich. It had a mustard With smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Super good and for a good deal too. Then we continued With the street contacting and met With -- the guy we met yesterday. He's got some Challenges in his life and so when we asked him why he wanted to meet With us he said. "I like praying and I think this could help me". we taught him a lesson and at the end, elder Braunberger invited him to be baptized and he Accepted! It was exciting. We got another appointment With him for Saturday.

On Thursday, we had a lesson With a man from Eritrea we met on the street a week or so ago. He has a strong belief in Christ, and was interested in the Book of Mormon. He was going on vacation the next day and so we won't be able to meet again until August 1. He told us that he wants to keep Meeting and that eh would read the book of Mormon. We didn't even need to ask :) After that we did some weekly planning and met With --. It's always Nice to visit With --. He is a good man. Then we visited -- and --. They still want to get baptized and they know the Church is true. -- is struggling With smoking so we will be focusing on that. There still on for their baptism August 20, and we set up appointments so we can meet twice a week now. I love -- and --. They are good People.

On Friday, we continued With the street contacting and did some Family history work. We also visited Lill and she fed us dinner.

On Saturday, we had Our Language class With --. It is always so helpful. Then we had a little Activity at the Church where one of the sisters investigators taught us all how to knit. After that we met With -- again. WE watched the restoration video together and set a date for him to get baptized on the 27 of August.   After that we visited --, then -- came With us to teach -- and --. The lesson went good! They asked us questions about Joseph Smith. They wanted to know more about him and so we read from Joseph Smith history With them.

On Sunday. we had a lot of new People at Church! There was a member Family visiting from Bergen. Also, -- and -- came and so did --. -- came but -- didn't. I played a musical number on the piano. I was way nervous haha but it went well. After Church we visited --, and --!

It was a busy and great week. I'm Grateful for the experiences I'm having. They have helped me come to a Clearer and certain Knowledge that God exists. He is Our gracious, loving, patient, forgiving, kind, just, merciful, full of goodness, and Perfect Father in Heaven. Oh how Grateful I am for that knowledge, and purpose it gives me. I love you all and am Grateful for Your kindness, support, and prayers.

Have a great week!

Elder Witt

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