Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 26 - Romerike

God Jul alle sammen!

Thanks for your love, support and prayers!

Christmas time is the best! I love it so much and I'm especially grateful to be here in Norway as a missionary.  I know that the Savior's gospel has been restored. When we choose Christ and choose to follow his example we will know that we will have made the right and best choice for us. I'm so grateful for His light and mercy. It is real.

Here are the highlights!
On Tuesday, we had a neat miracle. We were in Oslo for MLC and afterwards we had an appointment. During MLC we got a call that our appointment need to be scheduled and around the same time we got a text from a member who needed us to stop by later. So after MLC we made some  plans to stop by this member and then try some potentials in the area.  We decided it would be most efficient if we had the car so we called the sisters who we share the car with to see if we could use it. At around this exact time the sisters were coming back from an appointment and would be in LIllestrøm where we could pick up the car. It worked out well and so we took the car and drove to Kløfta. We stopped by the member and got the things they wanted to give to us and went on our way. We drove to this potentials house, and knocked on the door and some people answered. They told us that they just moved in and that previous owners moved away so we gave the potential a call and it was the wrong number. So we decided to just knock some doors in the area. On our second door we talked with a Norwegian man. We told him we were sharing a christmas message and asked if we could come in and he said sure! We went in and showed him one of the churches christmas videos. He expressed interest in learning more about the church and so we taught him the restoration. He told us that within the last 5 years he had started reading the bible and wondering about spiritual things. He doesn't know yet what he believes in but he was willing to hear out message so we got another appointment set up after new years! It was a tender mercy and another testimony builder to me that this is the Lord's work and we are his children. I'm always amazed to watch how things fall into place and it is the best feeling to be apart of it. Everything worked out how it should. If our appointment hadn't canceled and if we hadn't gotten the text from the member we probably wouldn't have visited that area. And having the car was essential and so if the sisters hadn't been back in lillestrøm at exactly the time they were we woudn't have been able to visit the area where this potential was because there are no busses that go there. And because of all this we were able to find someone who is willing and interested. 

Another highlight is that I'm very blessed to be serving in Romerike. The members here are so supportive and loving and made sure that we had a very merry christmas. 

Christmas eve is Norway's christmas. It is the day that santa comes and the day that families open their christmas gifts. So for chrsitmas eve we were able to visit a member families home and spend it with them. I love all the norwegian traditions! We sang and danced around the christmas tree and sang songs together, played games, enjoyed a good meal and opened gifts. In the morning of christmas eve, we visited a care center with the sisters to see if we could sing carols for the people living there. We did and it was amazing! It was so much fun and the people were so appreciative and kind and funny.  it brought back good memories of choir in highschool and the different performances we would do during december. It was a memorable christmas! 

On christmas day, we had church which was good and then visited another member family for dinner. Det var veldig koselig! Koselig is probably one of my favorite norwegian words. It literally means cozy but is used to describe so many things. such as happy, pleasant, nice, fun, and so on. And then it was way fun to finish the day skyping the fam.

i hope you all have a happy new year and good week. I know that Jesus is the christ. He is our savior and redeemer. As we approach this new year let us remember that with the touch of the master's hand can we succeed, be changed, and reach our potential. Have a good week!

Love Elder Witt

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