Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 16 - Romerike

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your love and support! It was a good week! 

On Tuesday, we had district meeting. We talked about the christlike attributes of patience and diligence and how they work together and can apply in our missionary work. Then we practiced finding skills. After that Elder Carver and I did some prep for Zone Conference tomorrow. We will be doing a presentation on Finding. After that we went a town called Auli. We knocked on some doors and then went to the -- for dinner. They live in auli. They are the young family that invited us over for Christmas Eve and they are the best! They asked for any requests for dinner and so guess what I asked.... Hamburgers! Very good :) Then we visited a town Fjerdingby. We had an appointment with a norwegian man whom we knocked on his door the week earlier. He is way cool! We were knocking doors last week and he told us to come back tuesday night. We taught him the restoration and he asked really good questions and had really good insights especially on what it means to pray with a sincere heart and real intent. It was funny. He was like... of course you will get an answer to your prayer if you do that! That makes sense. He invited us back the same time next week and so we are going to bring a member with. We also knocked into a family who said we could come back and show them how to hold a family home evening so we are crossing our fingers as we try them this week!

On Wednesday, We continued planning for zone conference and also had our MMK meeting with our ward misison leader. Unfortunately our appointment with the really cool guy we met before christmas was canceled... We got another one with him this coming week so we are hoping it goes. 

On Thursday, We did weekly planning and then visited the town of Flateby. There we visited a family with the sisters. And later in the day took a train to Fredrikstad!

On Friday, we were on splits in Fredrikstad. My first area. It was good to be back again. Our focus was finding and it was amazing. We experienced several tender mercies. We started the day by identifying different formers and less Actives we would try visiting and then proceeded to contact them. On the way to the first former, we met a man from Burma. He showed interest in coming to church so we invited him and got his info! On the way to the next person we met a man in the city whose step dad is a member. He has gone to church a couple times and likes it. He was interested in meeting and so we got his info. Then we moved on to the next former. The address took us to this massive house with many different apartments. There were probably 13 door bells with no names. so we decided to try a couple. A man answered the door and we told him we were looking for so and so and he said oh yeah she lives upstairs on the door to the right and so we said thanks and then talked to him. We told him we were missionaries and asked him if he believed in God. He then goes on to tell us how he was in prison because of drugs and then had a powerful experience one night and knew God was real. He got out of prison and then overcame his problems and doesn't have a church he associates with. So we invited him to church and invited him to learn about our message. He said yes to both! Then we tried one more that had several door bells with no names and a woman from mongolia answered. She was so nice and showed us which door bells were his and then gave us his phone number and was way helpful. We then talked to her and told her about our message and she was interested and said we could come back. It was seriously so incredible and a huge testimony builder to me about finding along the way. None of the formers or less actives we identified were home but at each area we find someone the Lord is preparing. 

On Saturday we had lessons with two recent converts. 

On Sunday, one of the new converts received her patriachal blessing and so she invited us and some other members for dinner. It was fun to celebrate with her. She is amazing!

Those were the highlights! My thought for the week is centered around an idea. An idea for everyone. that God loves you and needs you on his side. I have a testimony of this great work we are a part of. It is a work of love. A work to heal broken hearts, a work to change individuals and help them fulfill their potential as  children of God and a work to unite and seal families for eternity.  I know that God's kingdom is on the earth. It is lead by a living prophet president Monson. Jesus Christ is our Savior and redeemer and through his Atonement will everything unfair be made fair. Oh how great the pan of our Father!

Have a good week everyone!! Love ya

Elder Witt

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