Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30 - Romerike

Hey everyone! 

Thanks for your love and support! It is transfers this week and I found out that I will be staying in Romerike. Elder Carver is moving to Stavanger and my new companion will be Elder Richardson. He is from elder Carver's group and is a solid guy. I've met him a couple times at zone conferences  I'm looking forward to the next transfer. This week was really exciting and a lot happen. We were invited in on three separate occasions while just finding and knocking on doors. So that was a record for me! 

Tuesday was a tender mercy. We had district meeting in the morning and then after that we had an appointment in Kløfta. Now this appointment was originally at 5 pm but we changed it to 4 because we thought that a member wanted us to come over for dinner on Tuesday but later we found out it was for Monday so we decided to keep the changed appointment time anyway. Our appointment in Kløfta was with --. He was an investigator who randomly dropped us and so we asked if we could just stop by and talk about it so we did and it went really well. Elder Carver bore his testimony of us being led to him on that christmasy day and the spirit was strong. We taught him about prayer and explained our purpose and invited him to write down the questions he had meet again with us. He was open to it so Im hoping we don't lose him. Because we had extra time we went to Skedsmokorset to try back with a potential. She let us right in and we taught her about the restoration and it was so good! Then we had an appointment with our investigator Jørgen in Fjerdingby. We arrived around 6:30 and our appointment was at 7. we realized we had forgotten to confirm the appointment so we gave Jørgen a call and he asked if we could come at 8 instead of 7.  we said sure and quickly informed the member who was going to be with us on the teach that the appointment was moved to 8. The member told us it worked fine.  We had some extra time so we decided to try back a potential we had in the area. It was the mom we talked to a couple weeks ago who said we could come back. She is the one we talked about family home evening with. We knocked on her door and she let us right in! We taught her the plan of salvation and once again it was awesome. She said we could come back in two weeks. Then after her we had some time so we just knocked on a few doors before we met with Jørgen. It was literally the best day. All of these appointment time changes made it possible for us to meet with new people and it was a lot of fun to be apart of it. 

On Wednesday, we went to an older members house in the morning. She invited us and the sisters over for lunch. Elder Carver is really smart with computers so she asked us if we could come over and help her with some family history work by scanning old pictures she had on to the computer. We imported several pictures for her and she was way happy. She shared with us some cool stories about family history that her deceased husband and parents did. It was neat. There is real power in family history work.  Then we went to Fetsund to try a former and knocked doors in the area. Then we had the worldwide missionary training broadcast. It was so good!  We were able to participate in a "council" that was done by the missionary executive committees. Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Elder Anderson are apart of the committee. They discussed the doctrine of christ and our purpose as missionaries. They also made big policy changes in our daily schedule and key indicators. The whole purpose was to help us be agents unto our selves and use our time more productive. We no longer have set companionship and language study times. They also got rid of nightly planning and instead we plan in the morning. The changes are great and many many people will benefit from them. They also simplified key indicators where we now only report. Baptisms and confirmations, baptismal dates, investigators in church and new investigators. This was  a big change and a needed change to help us focus on our purpose and the doctrine of christ. 

On Thursday, we we did some service in the day and then had our ward mission leader meeting and had a lesson with the new convert. 

On Friday, we had a mission wide video conference to discuss the changes in the new schedule. Then we went to a new area, blystadlia where we had some try backs and while there we knocked into another person who let us in. We taught her the restoration and it went well. She will be busy with school and her new job but said we could try in a month or two.

On Saturday we had splits with the missionaries in Oslo. We went to Strømmen and contacted people on the street and tried back people in the area. One was a woman who we got an apointment with this week who is way positive. Overall a solid day. 
On Sunday,  I performed a musical number with Sister Gagon. She played the violin while i played the piano. The song was a poor wayfaring man of grief. I was wayyyyyy nervous. but thankfully it went well. 

Those were some of the highlights of this week.  I have a testimony of this church. It is the church of Jesus Christ. I know that as we focus on the Savior, have faith in Him, and Follow his example we will find true hope and peace. Have a great week!

Elder Witt

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