Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 24 - Sandvika

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your love and support. I arrived in Sandvika wednesday morning by train. So far so good! my companion is a stud and the area has some good things happening with potential. I have a feeling that it will be a great transfer.
On Tuesday, For my last day in Romerike we taught -- again!  We felt like we should make some changes in our plan the day of and instead review some plan of Salvation with her. It was way good! Our member bore powerful testimony and I think it really got her thinking. I hope and pray that she follows through and keeps her commitments.
On Wednesday, I arrived here in Sandvika. We met with one of our Investigators named --. He is a little older going to school, trying to figure things out it his life. He has a big exam next week and so when we offered if there was anything we could to do help him, he asked if we could help him study a little. He is learning from a chemistry book. We studied a little with him and then had a lesson. In the evening we had a ward activity. It was about becoming self reliant. The bishopric hosted it and we had different stations that we went to. One was about Financing, another was nutrition, another was exercise,  another was emergency preparation, and other was an eating station where a member made a simple but delicious soup! It was fun to meet some of the members. They were happy that I played the piano and made use of that. But probably the coolest thing that happen was meeting a member who served in Temple square when Grandpa and Grandma Witt were serving in Temple Square. She saw my name tag and immediately asked if my grandpa was a mission president there. She then showed me a facebook group that she is a part of and it had several older pictures with my grandparents there. It was a confirmation for me that I'm where I'm suppose to be. It was touching to  see the love she has for Grandpa and Grandma Witt.
On thursday we had district meeting. It is a small district. It is just us and the sisters in Asker. We also did some contacting in the city and met a new convert in the evening and knocked some doors in his area.
On Friday, we did weekly planning. We are going to go through the area book and organize it and make it look neater. One thing that the ward mission leader in Romerike taught was "the mushroom effect." That often many people who are prepared are in the neighborhood of those we are working with. Comparable to how mushrooms usually grown in groups, that if you find one mushroom there are usually others nearby. We are hoping to identify some people to try as we go forward.
On Saturday we had sport. In several wards, members gather on saturday to play soccer and in Sandvika they do that. It will be a good way to get to know the youth better. There is someone that Elder Briggs and his previous companion invited randomly on the street and he comes too. Also on Saturday, we tried a former investigator in the evening. He wasn't home but a man who lived on the same street let us in! It was pretty funny because after we shared why were out and about he just said, come on in! He told us that he isn't looking to change but likes discussing things. He took our plan of salvation pamphlet and said eh would read. He was a nice guy.
On Sunday we had Stake conference. It made it a little tricky to meet the members of sandvika. The conference was held in Romerike haha so it was fun to be back in the building again. They didn't broadcast it so all the members in the oslo stake gathered in Romerike. It was packed! It was fun to see some members from Fredrikstad and also the members in Romerike again. We met with -- again. He is a funny guy. I really feel like he has a lot of potential. We will see how things go. In the evening the Robinsons invited us over for dinner. They are the senior missionary couple who work in the office. Wonderful people. They are friends of President and Sister Hill.

My thought for the week comes from stake conference and also a talk from President Ucthdorf "O How Great the Plan of Our God!". President Uchtdorf says, "It seems to be human nature: as we become more familiar with something, even something miraculous and awe-inspiring, we lose our sense of awe and treat it as commonplace". He then poses the question "Do we take Spiritual Truths for granted?"  A big theme in the stake conference in Oslo was about the blessing of the Restoration of the FULLNESS of the gospel. It was a restoration of light and truth. And with this increased light and truth, we have greater opportunities in this life. As I thought about how we can combat taking these spiritual truths for granted another quote from a conference talk in April 2016 came to mind. It is a talk that I have listen and read a long with a bunch for language study. The talk is by Elder Snow. He says, "Spencer W. Kimball, the 12th President of the Church, said: “How does one get humble? To me, one must constantly be reminded of his dependence. On whom dependent? On the Lord. How remind one’s self? By real, constant, worshipful, grateful prayer"
Have a great week! I love ya!

Elder Witt

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