Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 3 - Romerike

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your continual encouragement, prayers, and support! I can't believe it is already another monday. Last week went by so fast. It was a great week.

So on monday night we got a call from a member that 60+ students would be coming to the church building on wednesday for school. She had just barely found out and so she asked for help to give a presentation/tours to the students. I was way pumped about it. In Romerike, I've had several opportunities to give presentations to schools and it is just a great way to share the gospel to the youth in Norway. So after district meeting on tuesday we met with the sisters and this member to go over the presentation. After that we visited a recent convert and studied with her. We've been going through bible stories and this time we read the experience of the savior in the Garden of gethsemane in preparation for easter. She is doing awesome and continues to inspire me with her faithfulness and love for the gospel. She is preparing to go to the temple in the summer when she hits her year mark as a member.

On Wednesday morning, we had the presentation and it went well. There were several youth afterwards asking questions that took pamphlets. Also on wednesday, we were referred to a friend of a member who needed help moving so we did some service, and then had our meeting with the ward mission leader in the evening. 

On Thursday, we did some planning for zone conference this coming week. It is next thursday. It is on revelation through church attendance. We're going to focus on the sacrament and practice teaching the importance of church attendance and planning to help investigators attend. We also stopped by -- and -- to invite them to conference. Unfortunately they were going to be gone over the weekend. Good news is that -- has finished 2nd nephi and Jacob, and is still continuing to read. Bad news is that he said he would call us when he has time and feels ready to meet so they are on pause now :( 

On Friday, we were on splits with the Fredrikstad elders. I was with Elder Hadley. He was one of my comps in arendal. Friday was the first day of the easter initiative. It was good to go out with the pass along cards and share the video. We also visited Trude and had a lesson with her. It had been several weeks since we had met with her and she hasn't read and didn't come to conference. A little disappointing but we'll keep going. 

On Saturday, we wanted to focus on finding so we tried a former and knocked doors in the neighborhood and then went to the church to watch conference and to plan more for zone conference.

On Sunday, we watched the priesthood session at 11, then saturday afternoon session at 2 , and then sunday morning at 6 pm. A member brought a work colleage to conference on saturday. It was awesome! 

My thought for the week is revolved around President Monson's words on the book of mormon. I believe that president monson is the Lord's Prophet. There was a special spirit as he stood at the pulpit and spoke. Last transfer I went on splits with a missionary who inspired me to set a goal to read the book of mormon in a transfer. Reading it at such a fast pace has taught me that the book really is another testament of christ. I've noticed over and over a pattern in the Prophet's testimonies. And that is their testimony of the savior. Nephi, Jacob, Alma, Moroni, and the other prophets in the book are real. They really did engrave their words into ancient records. They took the time to write what they feel is most important.  They wrote that their children would know who to turn to for peace, and joy in this life and eternal life in the world to come. They wrote that we would know, that Christ is the ONLY way to salvation. and what a glorious message to know and have in our life. 

Have a good week!!

Love you all!!!!

Elder Witt

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