Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 25th Week in Norway

March 7, 2016

Hello everyone!!

I am loving Tromsø. It is a beautiful city. There is a ton of snow up here, and there are huge snow covered mountains nearby. It is cold but not too bad because we are on the coast. I love the scenery and the snowing mountains that go straight down into the sea. It is a wonderful place to be. 

Tromsø is a branch. There are about 15-20 people in church every week. I already love all the members. They are strong. In Tromsø there are 2 elders, 2 sisters, and a senior couple. The senior couple are the olsens. They have been in Tromsø for about 6 mounths and Elder Olsen serves as acting branch president. They are so nice and good. 

My companion is Elder Osguthorpe and he is a hard worker! Wow! He has already taught me so much. I am excited to work with him this transfer. I love the work here in Tromsø. Just before I got here the elders had a lot of investigators, some with baptismal dates and then right before I came here, all of there investigators dropped them. So basically we are starting fresh. We have already been seeing a lot of success. 

On Wednesday, I traveled to Tromsø. It was a crazy day. I got to the airport at 9:30 for my flight at 10:30. My flight from sandefjord to trondheim was delayed for about 3 hours and finally got canceled. Because of that I miss my connecting flight to Tromsø. I got the next flight from Sandefjord to Trondheim that left at 3 in the after noon and then from trondheim to tromsø at 5. It worked out and I was able to make it to Tromsø..... but my bags didn't make it. They got sent to Trondheim instead of all the way to Tromsø. I was able to get my bags on Thursday though so it is all good! The best part was, the airport gave all of us 250 NoK to spend on food at the airport because of delays. I loaded up on pizza, chocolate, and drinks. It was great.

On Thursday, we had district meeting. Our district consists of the two elders, two sisters, senior couple in tromsø and then two elders in Alta. We do district meeting over skype. Afterwards, the Olsens make us lunch which is great. After District meeting, we went street contacting. In  1 hour we were able to hand out 2 book of Mormons and get an appointment for the next day.That night we went banking across the fjord and got some potentials.

On Friday, we continued to have great success. We got a new investigator, ---, who we met on Thursday. We had a lesson with her in the church that went really well and we are meeting with her this week. We  had weekly planning and some Transfer planning. Our goal this transfer is to find a family to teach. It is going to be our focus and we are going to work for it. Good things to come!

On Saturday, we visited the ---. They are a recent convert family in the branch. They come every week and are awesome! We had some miracles while banking. We came across two back to back houses that both talked to us for  a while. We were able to teach both of them, got there numbers and said we could come back. One of them was a women is is really interested. She said her family doesn't believe but she is willing to meet with us. It is a potential family so We are excited about that. I'm grateful for the blessings that Heavenly Father gives us. 

On Sunday, we had church. It is from 11-1. We have Sunday school and then sacrament meeting. The Tromsø branch is unique because we have several members that skype in to church. There is a family that lives on Svalbard, yep the massive island close to the north pole, and then a man who lives on the Lofoten islands. On Sunday, in Tromsø, we spend our time visiting members. We visited ---, who is a old fisherman. He lives in a rest home. He is Awesome.! His dialect is crazy and I can't even understand what he is saying half the time but it was still fun. We also visited ---. He is the branch presidents assistant. Strong member. We finished the night banking on doors.

I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it is true. I know that God is our loving Heavenly father. He loves us and wants the best for us. I know the Book of Mormon is true. As we read it daily, we will be blessed abundantly. Thank you for your prayers and for your support. 

Have a great week! love you all!

Elder Witt

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