Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 26th Week in Norway

March 14, 2015

Hey Family! 

Thank you for all Your love and support. I'm sure Grateful for all of you. We had a crazy week up here in Tromsø! I am loving Tromsø. Elder Osguthorpe is a good man. He is a lot of fun, obedient and works hard. We had the special opportunity to see the northern lights several times this last week. It was the coolest! We also went fishing last week and it was so fun. Every cast we would catch a Fish. We just casted off dock into the fjord. Usually we would Catch 12 inch mackerel and release them back, but Elder Osguthorpe caught a huge like 20 inch Cod that we kept and ate for dinner. I will send Pictures. :) It is a beautiful city and the work is happening. We experienced several tender mercies and miracles.

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting again. We talked about the first principle in the 3rd lesson, which is Through Jesus Christ we can be cleansed from sin. With Easter coming up we have a special opportunity to remember Christ's life and Atonement. The Church has started a New "easter Inititative" called Hallelujah. They made a New video which I am really excited to start sharing With People.  Jesus Christ is someone to rejoice in. We have great reason to sing hallelujah. After District Meeting we were street contacting and contacted this man from Romania, named ---. We told him that we have a Book of Mormon in Romania in Our Church that we could give to him. He agreed to come With us and walk to the Church, where we gave him the book of morman in Romanian and had powerful lesson on the Restoration. He ended the lesson by saying the prayer as we kneeled together. After that we skyped the member who lives in Lofoten to meet With him and then we went banking (knocking on doors).

Wednesday was amazing. We went out in the morning with three different hour blocks for Friday that we wanted to find appointments for. For example, we wanted to get appointments for 2, 4 and 6 pm With random People we would meet on the street. The day consisted of going contacting,  eating lunch, going contacting, teaching an investigator ( we dropped him because he is an atheist who doesn't want god to exist and doesn't want life after Death, and wasn't progressing.), then more contacting, took a break, then more contacting, and then helped out with a relief society dinner that Sister Olsen put on. It was an amazing day because People were so open on the street! We had so much fun talking to so many different People and at the end of the day were able to Schedule all 3 of those appointments on Friday. We got a lot of potential, and I know It was Heavenly Father that Placed People in Our paths that would listen to us.

On Thursday, the miracles continued. Heavenly Father continues to amaze me. We visited the --- Family again. They are a new convert Family that are preparing for the temple. They are amazing. Our goal is to find another Family they could be fellowshippers for and help With the teaching. After that we went contacting. While out contacting elder Osguthorpe contacted this man who was a tourist. Often times we will split off contacting so we can talk to more People on the street. This tourist was interested and my Companion gave him a book of mormon. The tourist told us to come to the Library and talk to some more of his friends off the cruise ship. We had an appointment in like 5 minutes so we told him we would come after. We walk to the Church and Our appointment fell through. The guy didn't show. For no particular reason, we grab 3 English book of mormons to take to the Library. We are about to walk into the Library when a Group of teenagers Calls after us and says, "Can you guys tell us what you do everyday"? They had seen us around and were just wondering. We stopped and talked to them and they asked us if we had  any of those books we give out for free. We said yes and they all wanted one in English. Perfect. We had 3 book of mormons in English and it was the Perfect amount. WE went in the Library With them and taught them and we got their phone numbers and plan to meet up again next week. We never saw the tourist again but I know if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have walked to the Library and met these teenagers. It was awesome!

On Friday and Saturday, this is where it got a little tough. We had 7 appointments planned and all of them fell through and didn't happen. We contacted all of them and some said it still worked, others said they were busy, and some just didn't answer. The good Thing though is that we got in contact With most of them and they are still willing to meet another day. That is Our big Challenge we ahve here in Tromsø at the moment. We are having a lot of success finding People who are willing to meet, but we are struggling getting the Return appointment . It is okay though because we will keep working and I'm confident the up coming week we will start seeing more success.

Sunday was a good day. I gave a talk in Church that went well and we visited --- and and also --- and gave them the Sacrament. We spend most of Our time on sundays visiting members. I'm Grateful for Sundays and for the opportunity it gives us to go to Church and partake of the Sacrament.

My spiritual thought this week is based off the talk Profile of a Prophet by Hugh b Brown and Lessons from Liberty Jail by Elder Holland. I had many interesting experiences this week on the street talking to atheists and People who won't accept the Book of Mormon as more scripture. As I listened to this talk, my testimony was reconfirmed that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He saw God the father and His son Jesus Christ. Through him they translated the Book of Mormon and restored Christ's Church on the Earth today. It is true. I know that With all my heart. I love you all and I'm Grateful for all of you. Have a fabulous week!

Love Elder Witt

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