Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Oslo Norway Mission, Called to Serve

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tromsø, Norway - 27th Week in Norway

God Påske! or happy Easter!

Hey Family, thanks for all your love and support! I'm sure grateful for all of you. We had a great week here in Tromsø.  We were able to see many more miracles. I'm grateful for the blessings of the Lord!

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting. This week it was on Faith in Christ. We focused on how we can help our investigators build faith in Christ. That is the foundation all of us must build on. Our faith grows as we act on it. After District Meeting, we went street contacting. We had an appointment at the Library, but unfortunately the person didn't show up. We were in the Library deciding whether we wanted to do Family history work or go back out and talk to People. As we sat there We felt like we should go out and continue contacting. Lo and behold, there is this man walking Down the street, and Elder Osguthorpe says, hurry let's talk to that man. We stop him and his name is ---. He is from the Phillipines who has a strong belief in Christ. He agreed to walk With us to Our Church and have a lesson. We had a very open discussion With him and taught him the restoration. He accepted the book of mormon and said he would read. To continue With the story, we sent him a text during the week and asked him if he read any in the book. He replied yes, and then continued to ask us questions about Things he was Reading. We have planned to me With him later today. It was a testimony to me of work, work and work.

On Wednesday, the storm came. It snowed from wednesday to Friday on and off and we received several feet of snow. We spent some time reorganizing our area book, putting in New tabs, fixing teaching records, and making it neat. We also went street contacting, and banking. We visited a member ---, and studied about the Book of Mormon With him. Serving as a missionary has helped me understand more fully the truthfulness and significance of the Book of Mormon. I know it is true and another witness of Jesus Christ.

On Thursday, we started Our day With a good old "kraftig time", which being interpretted is Power hour. We go out on the street and talk to as many People as possible for one hour before lunch. Because of the continual snow storm we took weekly planning. Here is another cool miracle that took Place this last week. So in my last week email, I talked about a group of teenagers we met on the street who were interested in the Book of Mormon. Just a few days after that experience, we met another teenager who happened to be a twin to one of the teenagers we met the week before and he was interested too! On Wednesday night, we called him and set up an appointment for the Next day. He told us he would text us because he had some Things going on. During weekly planning we receive a text from him that he will be in the libray in 10 minutes. We leave weekly planning, to meet him and he brought one of his other friends! So it was us With the two twins and now this other friend. The twins are named --- and --- and are the most potential of the teenagers. Before we even ask if we can meet again --- is telling us his Schedule and how he wants to meet again. That was exciting!

On Friday, the blizzard continues. My Companion woked up feeling sick so we stayed in form the Cold. I did some cleaning, laundry, organizing, and listened to several talks. In the afternoon he was feeling better so we went Our contacting for a little and then we had some appointments in the evening. We had an appointment With another of Our New investigators. His name is ---. He is from Denmark and super cool. He was so sincere in all his comments and answers. We got another apointment With him and will hope for the best. Then we skyped ---, a member from Lofoten, and met With a in active member, ---. We watched the New easter video With him.

On Saturday, we went to Church for Language study. Every saturday, a member in the branch comes and helps all of us missionaries With Our Norwegian. It is really helpful because she teaches us all of the phrases and expreissions that Norwwegians use that you wouldn't be able to figure out on Your own. My Companion started feeling worse so we decided to take it slow today. I did some practicing on the piano for Church, and we went contacting for several hours. Then we went in and he rested up. I watched a video on the prophet president Spencer W. Kimball. He experienced many Challenges in his life but always managed to have faith and keep magnifying his callings. It was inspiring.

On Sunday, my Companion is feeling better which is good. we experienced another cool miracle. 4 men off the street came to Church. The sisters had contacted one of the earlier in the week and he came and brought all his friends. The sisters gave us all of 4 these guys and we taught them about the book of mormon. We will try to meet With them again. I'm really excited for this upcoming week and all the potential we have. It is easter week, which is a really big holliday here so hopefully we can keep busy and push through it. I know the Church is true. I'm Grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know Heavenly Father loves all of us and is aware of all of us. Jesus Christ is Our Savior. He makes it possible for us to find light in an increasingly dark world.

Love, Elder Witt

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